Homemade remote e-callers?

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  1. I've seen some links online for making your own homemade electronic callers and wondered if anyone's tried making one. I'd love to buy one of those Foxpro's, but I can't bring myself to pulling the trigger on one, especially for an animal that I won't even put on the table. My initial idea was to just hook up my ipod to speakers and a wireless remote, but the best remote I could find only extends my reach to about 60 feet, which is still way to short for a coyote trying to circle downwind.
  2. i've been thinking about making one too. but i like using mouth calls. i don't like the idea of having the extra walking too set up the electronic caller. and you can vary your calls more with hand calls. but i'm sure you can either find or make a longer wire that runs from your ipod to the speakers.have you tried splicing two or more segments of wire together? here is a link to another homemade e-caller http://www.varmintal.net/ahunt.htm#El-Cheapo . that site has alot of information. hope i helped some

  3. making e-callers isn't difficult.

    essentially, you need an input (mp3, cd, cassette, etc.), an amp, and a speaker. assuming you've got your input source already (your ipod), you should be able to make a very nice e-caller for under $50-$70.

    guys are also making wireless models. it essentially involves using a "wireless" microphone setup, intended for home audio/video. there's a fundamental difference in this setup vs. a foxpro, etc. those manufactured models using a wireless device to initiate a call that's playing locally on the device. the home version with the wireless mic actually broadcasts the call to the amp/speaker setup.

    reviews i've seen say that, if using a quality amp and speaker, sound quality will not suffer, and will get you beyond 100 yards, somewhere less than 200 yards.

    i've not built one myself, yet, but have plans to before next season. to be sure, the foxpro's and the like are excellent calls and do work well (in my experience) but they are very pricey. home e-callers can be made much more inexpensively, and can be very effective as well.

    here's a very good explanation, from lionho at predatormasters.com:


    here's another very good thread:


    when i build one, i would like to use a 12v battery to avoid constant charging. its all out there, will just require a little experimentation.. ;-)
  4. Thanks guys, those fox pros are nice, but not cheap either. If and when I make mine, it'll definately be wireless so I can dictate when I shut it off, and so I can get it a lot farther away then with a wired e-caller. My cousin extended his wired by adding more speaker cable, although it worked, we found it got muffled and clarity was a real issue. I'm leary about a microphone set up because of clarity, like Rzd mentioned, but you seem to think that a good amp and speaker will help? I'm not electronic savvy, so I'd have no clue, but I'll check out those links, I found one on predatormasters, not sure if its the same or not, but I'll see. Thanks guys. If you build one, let us know.

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