homemade dog trailer

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by claudskeeper, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Has anyone got an opinon using a trailer to transport dogs and gear in small trailer, Im thinking of making one but worried about safety for dogs and bounce in travel.

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  2. Being home made, probably lots of ply-wood, imagine survival in an accident.
    If you do, dont skimp on wheel size, get 13-14" wheels. Those little boat trailer tires wont cut it.

  3. square tube frame and 14 in tires would be used, looking for other ideas. can't afford the ones in the magazines. I have not seen any in use in my neck of the woods.
  4. I was thinking of making one too. I have a nice 2 hole Country Boy dog box but have a SUV now instead of a pickup. I think if you can pick up an old dog box and a decent box trailer you could easily marriage them together for much cheaper than a conventional dog trailer.
  5. Midwesterfisherman has a nice four hole if it set on landscaper trailer would make a nice dog trailer. Just a thought.
  6. God be careful with safety and ventilation if you do this. I watched a guy lose a couple of dogs to heat stroke with a home made trailer. Look for a good used trailer with power vent options first if at all possible.
  7. i have a full width 2 compartment box for my pickup. i can carry four dogs in that and a fifth in a single box near the tailgate. depending on the sizee of the dog, i could easily carry 8 dogs in the 2 compartemnt and 2 "singles' and still have room for gear.

    i'm a great do it yourselfer too. but sometimes i get more into a homemade project than a ready made would have cost. if you really want a trailer look around for a 2 horse stock trailer (not a horse trailer). i've got a 16'' goose neck that i have used to traielr them to and fro and kennel them in. they are far better constructed than dog trailers and you can put kennels in them with minimal effort.
  8. thanks I never thought about a horse stock trailer.
  9. Most trailers commercially made will store the dogs about shoulder high for safety in rear collisions. Storage down low. Also consider dogs stored low in towed trailer may get exhaust poisoning.
  10. you can find all sizes and prices on the used market. we have been renting a cabin and using the stock trailer for a portable kennel for the dogs.

    now we're going to a tag a long travel trailer and i'll buy an enclosed canopy for the dogs and fence it in with livestock panels.

    a stock trailer is handy for a lot of things besides hauling horses or stock. moving, applicances, trailered my lawn tractor for repair. hauling lumber home. better axles and frame, 16 inch wheels. tows better.

    if you get rear ended your dogs will get hurt in a dog trailer. but such accidents are very rare.
  11. I happen to have a nice stock trailer for sale.
    12 long, 6 high, 5 wide. Brand new flloor & all lights work.
    PM me for more details.
  12. that would be good sized for a dog hauler. can pull it easily with a 1/2 truck.

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