Homemade Deer Lick Blocks ?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by L_Lumus, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Back say 15 yrs ago me and my dad started hunting in the U.P. and some guys up there was making these homemade deer lick blocks . From the beat my memory can recall there was molassas, sugar, salt,
    grain, and some more stuff that slips me .

    Ok here is the question anyone out in cyber land ever try and make there own? And if so would you be willing to post your recipes?

  2. Not sure about a block perse'. But go to a feed store and buy what is called "cubed alfalpha." It is extremely dry. Then filled a 5 gallon bucket up 1/2 way. Mix in 2C Molasis, 2C apple cider, 2Oz vanilla--stir it up with a shovel. Then start filling it in with cubed alfalpha and mix as you go. On the top of the bucket pour in a couple cups of corn or acorns but don't mix it.

    Let it sit over night to soak up the liquid. When you dump it out the corn will be covered by the alfalpha so the birds won't eat it all.

    Try it out, it is the best thing going.

  3. Banditto,

    You say to fill the 5 gallon buck up half way. With what? I first thought you wanted it filled up half way with the cubed alfalfa but then you said to start filling it with the cubed alfalfa later. Hmmm, I am guessing that you fill the bucket up half way with water to start with???
  4. Wouldn't that be considered a bait pile? I thought bait piles were to be less than 2 gallons per hunting site. Just wondering for my own good.

  5. I'm not one who really believes all that much in bait. I will use carrots on occassion but I like to stick to the mineral mixes and such. However, from what I have seen, there isn't hardly a person in this state that abides by the 2-gallon rule. Don't everyone jump in and say they do. I am sure some do. I do because I don't use hardly any bait but this is just what I have seen. From the way that this contraption sounds, a portion of it would be liquid and would soak into the ground anyway. So, I wouldn't be concerned with the 2-gallon rule when it comes to something like this. It sounds too gooy anyway that I doubt that any of the DNR officers would try to scoop it off the ground to see if it is more than 2 gallons. Now, I wouldn't recommend making like 5 of these things and using them at the same hunting spot.


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