Homemade Deer Feeders

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by marksman72, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to post this question about homemade deer feeders. Has anyone ever made a tri-pod type with a timed broadcaster or the bucket-type you hang from a tree or even the simple plastic tube type? Just curious if anyone has or knows where you can get designs for these different types. Thanks, Marksman72 :D

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  2. Buy a steel barrel and an all-metal timed broadcaster(mount inst included).Order a tripod leg kit from moultrie(inst included).Have an 8 ft ladder available for loading grain.Use no plastic-squirrels chew it.

  3. Any type of feeder that the deer can reach would be illegal. A hanging spin feeder would be fine.
    I imagine you could use a tube type if you hung it in the air and let the squirrels distribute the corn, as long as you can figure out a way to keep it from dispensing more than the allowed amount of feed.
  4. I would try to find a hanging one on sale. If you have a barrel and stuff hanging around then go for it. But I tried to do it myself and by the time I bought every thing I might have save $20.00. The one I built works fine, but if I had to do it over again I would have looked for one on sale.
  5. Marksman,

    I have made several tripod feeders over the last couple years. Its a fun project especially if your looking for something to do. In the end I am not sure how much money you save anymore as feeders seem to keep getting cheaper.

    I will say that the feeders I have made work better and are much sturdier than the ones I have bought.

    You can usually find someone to give you a 55 gallon drum for free and then I usually order the leg bracket kit including hardware from Moultrie for around $30. I use some heavy duty fence posts/piping for the legs ($15) and then pick out the feeder/motor of my choice and mount it to the bottom of my barrel. For what it's worth I have had the best luck with American Hunter Feeders/Motors (I am currently switching all of our feeders to these motors, they have good battery life, are failry inexpensive, and are reliable). A few cans of spray paint later and you've got yoruself a nice feeder just the way you want it.

    The only disadvantage with a tripod feeder is filling it depending on how high you put it. To fill our I drive the four whealer up to them and have to stand on the front rack to dump corn in (this works well but probably isn't the best method)
  6. When I had my feeders sat up I had them mounted on frame with 4x4's Drilled a hook off center and mounted the barrel.Then I set mine up on a old boat winch. Easy up and down loading and you could do this by yourself. I using wire like clothes line and hook my barrel up at two points to keep it from swaying. Worked real good..........m:D
  7. Q.What is the difference between "baiting" deer and "feeding" deer?

    A. "Baiting" is putting out food materials for deer to attract, lure or entice them as an aid in hunting or taking them. A person baiting deer must comply with the baiting regulations.

    If you put food materials out that attract deer for any other reason, you must be feeding for recreational viewing purposes and must follow the regulations for recreational viewing. The feed must be placed on the ground. Any means of placing the feed on the ground, including Spin-cast type feeders, is legal provided the spread does not exceed the daily volume limit (2 gallons). www.michigan.gov/dnr :D
  8. I have had every feeder known and the best feeder.....by far. Is the 5 gallon bucket with the broom handle hanging contraption never fails. Basiclly free and gets the job done.
  9. I thought you told me that one was a turkey feeder.:yikes:
  10. Remember the one I had below tar paper shack that sat up on the frame with a boat winch. Then the next year after setting up two on my place the DNR then told us it was illegal to use them. Of course after all the money folks put into the feeders:rant: . The one in the back yard hasn't had corn in it in a while. Really don't need to feed the turkeys. Neighbors do that for me keeping them nice and fat for us during turkey season:lol: You're getting too old jimmy boy lol......m:D
  11. I have a tripod feeder but I am going to find a new way to hang it next season. I think the deer are knocking it around and I am afraid a leg is going to kick out and drop the feeder. I am looking into some type of 4x4 design with a pulley. Not real concerned aout squirils in the swamp but in the hardwoods I think the steel barrel idea sounds pretty smart.

    By the way I had an officer come out and measure the amount of corn that the feeder put out. Turns out I was one kernal under the two gallon limit so nothing to wory about there. We had a lengthy debate on the feeding/viewing issues and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. :evilsmile
  12. I took a 30 gallon plastic barrel,fit a cabelas electronic feeder to the bottom.brought three 10 foot lenths of 3/4 inch black pipe and a mule block .drilled a hole through on both sides of top and fed a length of chain through,then attached the pully to the three pipes stood up and attached the feeder.This has worked for several feeders and is much cheaper then buying.You can also just hang between two trees and forget the pipe.cost was 29 dollars for electronic timer feeder,10 for the barrel,12 for the pipe pulley was five at surplus store chain 4.50.robe 5.00 total rounded 68.00.this holds 150 lbs of feed.

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