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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Remy, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Can anyone post some pictures of their "safe" homemade deer stands/blinds? I have three good trees that are clumped together and want to make a blind or stand. I would like to see some examples if possible. Thank you for all your help!!!!!

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  2. Remy, my advice would be to stay away from your idea. I know the lure of what your idea is, but it's potentially very dangerous.

    Our camp has been bowhunting since the 1960's and I started in 1978. Back then, we had no commercial stand options and didn't know any better, so all stands were homemade. And often in pronged tree's, like you mention.

    Well, what'll happen is everytime the wind blows, 1 of those 3 trunks is pulling the other way from the other, potentially pulling the stand loose. Sure, you can visually check nails or even bolts all the time, but do you want to be in that stand when something you couldn't see fails?

    About the only situation I'd suggest for a homemade stand would be a massive oak, where you could build a stand in the saddle where 2-3 large trucks create like a 3 pronged V. But even then, you have to be careful.

    If individual tree's are involved, stick with a good commercial hang on or ladder stand IMHO.

  3. I agree with pine. I have one home made stand that i haven't use for a couple years now and it will be coming down this spring into the scrap pile. Just don't trust it anymore.
  4. Like pinefarm said use a store bought stand. Depending on the types of trees and their growing rates they will not be safe for long. Ever notice how hard it is to take some stands down that have been up too long? You will have the same problem if you try to lag bolt something into a tree. After awhile the tree will pull the bolts through the wood you put them in. This will also weaken the tree and give insects a place to attack the tree. The bark of a tree is like your skin so if you open a wound the more chance of infection. Better to be safe and be able to hunt for many more years.
  5. I would never build a portable wood stand for fear of getting killed but we have some permanent stands using lag bolts for the flooring, presure treated wood and we put them in cedar trees. Even if you fall, there are tons of branches on the way down so you would not fall directly to the ground without hiting lots of branches first.

    We also find you have better cover in the cedars and they don't stand out like a sore thumb. Trespassers don't even see them when they walk by so it's great. It also comes in handy during the windy days in the late season; the trees keep the wind down so you don't freeze. We tried pine trees but the sap is too sticky so we stick with cedars and use lag bolts for safety and to eliminate squeaks.
    Here is one we built, the 3rd picture is taken from the ground looking up at the tree.


    It's only about 11 feet off the ground but I've had tons of deer walk by under this stand during the past 3 years including a huge buck in November 2006.
  6. [​IMG]

    There is some green artificial Christmas trees added to the sides of the ladder to camouflage it up and it hides it very well. The deer has gotten use to it and will walk close while you are in it buy if the wind is right.
  7. My Dad and I built this one last spring, I didn't like the idea, to big and noticeable i've had deer walk right under me.


  8. Wow, those are nice at first but wait until the wind starts moving those trees around and the nails or bolts start working loose. I like the wood ladder stand, looks like 7 of mine also garnished with the Xmas trees but I would never advise using multiple trees like the one above. Mother nature will win that battle. The good part is, you don't have real far to fall.
  9. I would agree- with the price of some of the stands you can probably buy a decent one for less money than building them yourself anyway.
  10. I hunt from store bought ladder stands as of now but in the future wouldnt mind building one in a tree like some shown. Only reason for that is cause its nice to have a roof over your head, more room, more comfortable if you wanna sit all day long, if you have kids they can go too, etc. I know some people are saying they are not safe but if done properly they can be done very safely built and last for awhile. Im not saying theyll last forever but when the time comes youll know when to take it down and quit using it.
  11. It's not in the pics, but we added spreaders in between each trunk 6 feet above the roof that prevent the trunks moving inward seperately, and then wrapped a steel cable with a come-along around the outsided of the trunks at the same level as the spreaders and tighten, these two things together keep the three trunks moving together. Nothing has pulled apart yet and it's been up almost a year. I have aonther one that is a bow stand similar to the one in the first post that has been up for 8 years now.
  12. We have a number of bolted on tree stands that are between trees or in between clusters of limbs on big oak trees. we found the nails would pull loose over time, weakening the stand. we have since gone to lag bolting the cross supports with 3/8" stainless lag bolts and then building a free floating platform that is not nailed to the supports on the tree. this allows the trees to move in, out and sideways with out damaging the stand. the platforms main supports are extended beyond the outside of the tree about 1 ft on both sides and the main supports on the tree extend out wider that the platform about 18" on both sides. this has worked very well for us. we also check the stands out very well before season.
    I have sat in these through some very hard winds and watched the platform float freely and not bind.
    they do squeak as the wood rubs on the supporting wood so we put some heavy plastic on both wear surfaces and lubed it with silicone gease.
  13. is that pressure treaded wood? How high up is that? Looks solid to me
  14. It is solid. Easy to get into. Not noise. Can stand up or set down. Was brought at a garage sell cheap.
  15. 03-13-2008 03:07 PMKEN WES.
    I would like to see some photographs of your engineering. Your suggestions sound interesting

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