High Fence hunts

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  1. That crap is just ridiculous. I am speechless.

  2. I think Teddy said it best...

    "The rich...who are content to buy what they have not the skill to get by their own exertions, these are the real enemies of the game."
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  3. That made me sick!

    I don't know what else to say:mad:
  4. I agree it's wrong.,. but people do it.... all these t.v shows ( well most ) hunt these places... I saw that show with jimmy houston.....
  5. This is at least the second and perhaps the third go-around for this video in here. Yes, it is paints a terrible image of us as hunters and I wholeheartedly agree with the narrator's comments about the problems with disease stemming from various activities of to many high fence "hunt" areas.

    Jimmy Houston really took a "ringing" over this "hunt".
  6. I got involve with deer farming couple years back. Got out of it as soon as i could. These people make me sick and shouldn't be able to wear camo, and definitly shouldn't be called hunters. I have heard of people shooting deer in the back of horse trailers. we as hunters need to stand for all hunting, not of shooting "cattle"!
  7. WOW,
    I dont think people really know what is going on out there .
    What an absolute shame!!!
  8. Lost all respect for Jimmy Hunston. What a piece of sh@# !!!!:rant: Had to stop watching it because it made me sick to my stomach.
  9. This is exactly what I've been talking about for a couple years. There are very few hunting programs out there or pro's that DONT hunt in high fence ranches. I know there are gonna be people saying WRONG! but the money is just too great. Nothing is gonna convince me otherwise. They have to make a certain number of kills a year or their family doesn't have income. It turned into a money game a long time ago.
  10. all i can say is i know how i go about my business, and its nothing like that

    i just hope we can keep this image off of my very legal recreational hunting practices
  11. That is a bunch of bull,cant beleive what I just saw.No words ..speechless!!:rant: :rant:
  12. If you have to pay someone to hunt on a fenced property so you are garanteed a big rack, you don't know how to hunt and probably never will.

    But then again, if we have all the morons caged up with the caged animals, at least it keeps them out of the real woods with the real hunters.
  13. cant even watch the whole thing...:rant:
  14. My first time seeing the whole video......thanks for posting it. Quite informative. Sad these places can even stay in business.

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