help with munuscong bay

Discussion in '' started by merwin, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. I have never hunted munuscong bay. I plan to go for the opener Any tips or advise would be very helpful thanks Merwin

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  2. Only tip I'll give you is, go out the night before and camp in your boat. You will play he$$ getting out of the boat ramp, anytime after midnight the morning of.:SHOCKED:

  3. And if you find a spot that looks promising ...DON'T TELL ANYONE!!

    My buddy opened his mouth a couple years ago in a local bar and went out in the morning to find the guy he told right in his spot:yikes:

    To go the night before and camp in your boat is GOOD advise.
    Bring lots of shells.
    And be safe...that water can get rough:)
  4. I hope you don't mean that you're gonna just show up on opening day without ever scouting first :yikes: Tell me that's not what you mean...

    I've never hunted there myself, but my only advice is to get out there a day or two early and scout, scout, scout.

    And as far as the suggestion to camp out in your boat overnight, that's probably good advice, but having chased ducks since the late 70's, I can honestly say that no duck is worth camping out over, especially when you'll be battling other hunters for postion all morning. Have at it if you like...not this fool!:evilsmile
  5. What a great hunt! You get the full waterfowling experience of not sleeping, but securing your spot the night before. You get to use that powerful million cp spotlight to shine others off your position from midnight to 7 am. Then you get to watch as everyone on the bay shoots at the only 2 mallards in sight. The spectacle of all those spinning decoys is a sight to behold. You'll especially enjoy your return trip when the wind blows the water out of the bay and you get to drag your boat for a half mile over the flats.

    Munuscong is a great place to duck hunt, but do yourself a favor and go in late October or early November when the flight ducks are in. Much more birds and much less guys. You can find a spot much closer to home and have the same success without all the hassle IMHO.

  6. TNL is probably right that it would be better if you went later in the season.

    The plus is you get to hunt sooner,but a lot of people go there,local and not local and it can be a zoo.
    I wouldn't spend the night for a couple ducks either,but if you want to go out there you may have to.
    Scout's a big area.
  7. Take a couple of extra props, Munuscong Bay is a prop eater, lots of rocks to find out there. :eek: :eek:
  8. Thanks for the advice i was going to go a day early to scowt godd i wish i could spell but any way if it is that crowded i think i will scout ells were and just stay away I have a truck camper and just bilt 2 new layout boats so i dont have to fight the crowds maybe i will just stop along 2 and see what i can find on the big water thanks again for the heds up on the crowd i dont realy care for that thanks merwin:dizzy:
  9. sean


    Ive taken 4 trips to the UP and or northern on a whim, probably not the smartest thing to do but it was fun exploring and finding the lake in the dark.:SHOCKED: :lol:
  10. Yeah but on opening morning? :yikes: Just saying it wouldn't be my first idea to go wandering around on opening morning in a new area, pissing off everyone else, but to each his own I guess.

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