Has anyone used water and ammonia to attract deer?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by dumb-luck, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. The other day I put some water and ammonia in a mock scrape. (In a spot that didn't have a lot of activity) I went back there this afternoon and found the a huge buck track that stood in the mock scrape and walked accross my food plot. Do you think this is just quincidence or about what I should expect?

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  2. years ago I heard about this and tried it. i didnt get any results. But I didnt try that hard.

  3. I bought some Tinks Power Scrape maker, and it smell's just like a bottle of ammonia.
  4. don't laugh but just pee in a scrape. urine turns to amonia after 10-15 minutes. again, don't laugh until you try it. i do :)
  5. I bet it will work.
  6. I've heard the same. Have also seen deer walk up on a place I'd whizzed an hour or two before while on stand in the woods.
  7. [​IMG]

    I posted this in a thread a few wks. ago, 2 parts creek water or any untreated water and 1 part ammonia, all urine turns to ammonia. I have been doing this since the mid 90`s, my biggest to date is the 10 pt. in my avatar he was standing under my tree stand fleming and looking for a doe.

    I learned from the maker of a popular "synthetic scent" who many years ago called me back out of the blue after I left a message on his machine and we spent 4 hrs. talking deer hunting.
    First and formost you need to take scent control to a whole new level you may fool a 1 1/2 yr old but not his daddy. Then you need to start where the deer want to be in the first place, I make 5 scrapes but my 2 best ones are on the edge of a small cedar swamp and a stand of oaks on one side and heading to an open field on the other they started out about 2' square and now are about 10'. When he started making them he used 2 parts creek water (any water with no additives) and 1 part ammonia (it all changes to amonia eventually thats why human pee works too) so thats what I start them with July 4th. wk. end. I usually give them a squirt 2-3 times over a couple wks.and the deer start doing it for me, once they do I dont go close to the scrapes till I hunt them. You "Have" to have that over head branch,I have mine wired onto another tree because I have had to change them over the years. I have alotta does and fawns check them out till the bucks lose their velvet then they become alot more interested, if any deer is traveling that trail and they dont smell you they will check in to see what deer has been there.
    The only "bought" deer scent I have used with sucess is Hawgs dominate buck scent and made a drag trail with that, I tried VS1 I thought if it was the esterous fluids they said it was it would work perfect "NOPE" not a buck was interested. I never walk on the deer trail I tie the drag to a long stick and stay off the trail. I have had that trail lead to 6 nice bucks meeting my arrow and 15 bucks over the years taken in or right by my scrapes.
    The biggest thing you can control is your scent, the rest is all nature. Mike
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  8. personally this time of the year i put doe in estrous in scrapes:chillin:
  9. Everytime I have to take a whiz in the woods!
  10. I do that too and I was thinking the same thing about water and ammonia. Pretty much what pee is. I've had them scrape in it afterwards too.
  11. I will have to try that sometime, I used to just take the dirty pad from my wife before she got the hystorectomy(I cant spell) but now I have to find something else unless someone elses wife could spare a few :lol::lol:
  12. Hay thanks guys. I didn't use creek water, but I use well water with no additives. (maybe a little pepsi, but i think I got it all out) I did buy a dripper today with the active scrape. A buddy of mine got a nice 9 point that went right to it on opening day of rifel season.
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  13. On my trapping route, I found several scrapes that are definately only used at night and not huntable. There were five total of these and I urinated in each one. Since that time, none of them are active anymore.
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  14. how can you tell they are only used a night?
  15. Yes...just about every year I started taking a leak at around the 30 yard range from my tree stand. If anything it makes them curious. Even the doe I shot last year came off her regular trail to take a wiff and met up with a Muzzy.

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