Has anyone purchased a Kmart GreenDot money card?

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    If your planning on it or thinking about it DONT DO IT!Nothing but a hassel and headache.The Employees at kmart have no clue on how it works and your lucky if you recieve your permanent card in the mail:rant:Then you have to purchase a $ pack everytime you want to reload $ on your card and nobody explains this either.Its been over a month and i still havent recieved my peranent $ card and I have almost a $100 locked on a money pack till I get it.I cant get a refund directly from Kmart I have to get it from the greendot company thats selling the cards ar Kmart and who in the hell knows when Im going to get it?My suggestion is if your going to get a reloadable debit card go get it from wallgreens or wallmart.Even though Sears now owns KMart they still suck!:rant:

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  2. You couldnt pay me to step foot in one of these store let alone buy a product from them. K-mart is a piss poor company and does nothing but rape and steal from people. They are run poor, there products suck, they are unethical, they are understaffed, and ignorant. They dont deserve my business because they cheat lie and steal. I wouldnt even trade in a craftsmen tool for a free one. Hope they file again, and close down too.

  3. Please stop beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel -- would you say your opinion of Kmart is positive or negative?


    On a more serious note, what the heck is a greendot money card?
  4. Why don't you just get a debit card from your bank/credit union?
  5. People still shop at Kmart??.........
  6. stinger63

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    Well after my last rant about me telling them off about how I think they are run I doubt I`ll be welcome in the Port huron store for quite a while unless I wear a disguise:lol:
  7. I am not saying Kmart is a good or bad company. But once you buy your Greendot card, they are you who need to direct your anger at. Kmart or anyother retail store has no control what so ever over the card once you purchase it. Every reloadable card that is labeled with a visa or mastercard symbol will have extra fees. I would recommend buying the American Express gift card. You still get charged a fee when you purchase it and it isn't reloadable though. Then again you get charged a fee everytime you reload a Greendot card. I know Meijer and Walmart both carry them.
  8. I'll have to tell my wife she's a thief, a liar, ignorant, unethical and a rapest. Bet she doesn't know. One thing she does know is they are understaffed.

    Chances are they don't want people like you for customers either.

    Whats a Greendot money card?
  9. I've had three kids go on overseas church pilgrimages or missionary trips and each time, we got them a Green Dot card. We started plenty early and I don't think it took more than a couple of weeks or so to get the permanent card.

    I liked that the card can be used anywhere Master Card is accepted and you can also use it to get some cash. We put some $$ on the card before their trips and then refilled it while they were gone so that there wasn't that much on the card in case something happened. FWIW, when my daughter went to Scotland, some of the kids had problems with regular debit cards but my daughter's card worked just fine.

    If you haven't gotten your permanent card yet, you ought to call on it. According to their website, you should have your card 7-10 days after activating your account. There's a website and a 800 type number on the back of the cards and the refill cards. You may have bought it at K-Mart but it's issued through Columbus Bank & Trust.

    The only caveat I found was that they nit-pick you with charges for customer service fees that I think are ridiculous, but when you have a teenager going overseas, the cards were worth it
  10. you can also reload them at rite-aid.....I have a green dot card for online purchases, but like already said i don't like or agree with all the charges....5.00 to reload and then monthly fees just to have it....mine expired june 1st and i have not heard a word from them about a new one and i don't think i am going to call them either.....but anyway i don't think mine took too long to get.........

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