Ground temperature maps and morels.

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  1. Anyone ever take ground temps?
    I started doing it a few years ago just out of curiousity
    and it has helped me a few times predict when I'll find
    my first morels in a certain area within a few days
    rain permitting of course.

    I like this site just as a general look of the country as
    they start finding them down south.

    This site is a little more accurate for Michigan and
    I like the fact that you can check the rainfall amounts in specific areas.
    I only look at the temps taken at 4 inch.


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  2. Great information.


  3. Great idea!! What grd. temp have you came up with for morels to start poping? Thanks
  4. i was gonna ask the same thing, also for blacks and or yellows. i have a metal probe type thermometer, ill have to try that.
  5. I have more experience with greys/whites/yellows but from what I've
    read and from a few folks I know blacks can start poppin
    when the morning ground temps are around 46/48 for few days
    at 4 inches.

    On my first greys/ whites, usually when I start seeing morning temps
    at 4 inches staying from 52/54 degrees for a few days, it's go time.

    Yellows seem to like it warmer around 57 and above and will usually
    find my first good oyster flush at the same time depending on rain.

    Morning temps are the best imo since this is when the ground is at it's coolest and ground temps can vary quite a bit during the day.
    I use a cheap digital food therm.from walmart that looks like this.

    I just find it interesting that how much the ground temps can vary in different soils, near water, south facing sides of hill ect, somtimes up to 10 degrees and it has helped in the past finding some early spots.

    But take it with a grain of salt, since morels are not to be trusted
    to follow any rules.
    Just another indicator among many.

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  6. Thanks MM I'll give this a try this year. Yes roon's seem to have a mine orf their own:D Thanks again!!
  7. That's pretty cool Mike. I just started checkin temps this year using a similar thermometer and it's amazing how much the temp can vary even 20' away. North vs. south, top vs. bottom of hill, etc.

    I was out in a new area, much further south than I usually hunt and the south facing temps were 46 or so, north was 34 and level ground was about 40. Exposed areas like small stands of popple were slightly higher than thickets and mature woods.

    I'm gonna compare temps to timing of previous years finds and see if there's any relationship.:cool:
  8. Sounds good Roosevelt.
    Can also see up to a 10 degree dif on same ground
    different times of day, so I only go by early mornig temps
    or if using the MAWN site min soil temps at 4 inch.

    When comparing add up that precip you had in your area
    from April to mid May.
    Last year I almost didn't find my first grey in April for the first time
    due to lack of rain but managed on the last day.
    Less than 1 inch for the whole month of April!!
    and then just 1 1/2 inch for the first 2 weeks of May here
    with around 3 inches being an average on any month in my area!

    During the same time I had a friend that was having a great year
    in SW mich, but a quick check showed he had 4 1/2 inches
    during the same time.

    Right now we've had 3 1/2 inches in my area in the first 11 days
    of March when it's meaningless imo....
    But will we get it when we need it april/may is the the big question?
    Oh, the stress of shroomin!
  9. Seriously!!! We should get a support group going :idea: HAHAH!
    Never did the temp thing for shrooms or fishing for that fact. Some people swear by it.
    But there are often trend bucking situations (statistics usually show this) and I would not want to let too much thought go into my reasoning to hunt or fish.
    Sometimes you just get an itch or feeling. May pay off or it may not but, I wanna be there when the trend is bucked if at all possible :). You won't know if you don't go...
  10. I track ground temps for planting... pulled my first temp readings beginning last weekend and will continue every few days through May...

    Right now, NW Hillsdale Co., 7 am Saturday @ 4" in fall plowed ground temp varied from 38 - 41 F. 6 pm temps were 42 - 43 F..

    Ground temperatures are going to be much cooler in shaded areas such as woods, etc.
  11. It'll be interestingto see how much the soil warms after this rain, if any.
  12. Nothing seems to warm the ground and lakes faster than
    a slow warm rain, but as usual for my area most of it missed me.

    I was at the lake last night catching gills on poppers
    and took a couple of measurements.
    Ground temp 10 foot from lake was 35 and the water
    was 45.
    Usually ground temps I find are cooler near water but this surprised
    me since I was on the north side of the lake.
    I was hoping for a nice warm rain to warm up the
    lakes a bit more.
  13. Found this site that gives average temps and precip for most major cities
    in Michigan that I found interesting.

    We're going into April this year with almost 4 inches of precip
    in my area in March, which is a good thing imo.
    Hopefully someone doesn't turn off the water here in April like
    they did last year.
  14. Just out of curiosity I thought I'd check the ground temps where the the first few little black morels have showed up in SW Michigan compared to SE Michigan.
    Wow, what a difference on the max temps!

    Kalamazoo County
    04/01/2009 51.9... 37.4
    04/02/2009 57.9... 37.5
    04/03/2009 49.9... 38.1
    04/04/2009 56.8... 35.1
    04/05/2009 47.7... 36.6
    04/06/2009 43.3... 34.6
    04/07/2009 42.3... 33.8
    04/08/2009 53.7... 33.0
    04/09/2009 57.6... 33.7
    04/10/2009 53.8... 36.4
    04/11/2009 58.0... 34.3
    04/12/2009 58.0... 34.4

    Monroe County
    04/01/2009 45.6... 41.4
    04/02/2009 47.5... 41.3
    04/03/2009 46.4... 43.2
    04/04/2009 46.6... 39.8
    04/05/2009 44.3... 40.5
    04/06/2009 42.8... 39.4
    04/07/2009 39.6... 37.3
    04/08/2009 43.2... 36.5
    04/09/2009 45.7... 37.1
    04/10/2009 44.8... 40.0
    04/11/2009 47.5... 39.5
    04/12/2009 47.5... 39.3

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