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Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by gomer, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know for sure what the number behind the barcode means? Couple of my buddies and I have came to a consensus that it is the "quality" of the chew (scale 1-10 i believe, 10 being "the best"), but that is just a guess on our part. Anywho, I was just curious if anyone out there had a real answer...

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  2. I believe your right,my friend is a tobacco rep and higher the # the fresher the chew....

    Needless to say i dont get no high #'s....But its free.....:D

  3. I chew grizzly wintergreen only because I can't afford Kodiak...never heard of the numbers behind the bar code, with the Kodiak there is a letter before or after the number printed on the bottom of the can..we always believed that an (A) can was the best with B & C cans having some chunks and stems. If this is true I just opened a (5) mid grade I suppose.:lol:

  4. Adam- I need to look into this further....It is bugging me. Ever since I found that out awhile back i have still never found concrete evidence to support the number system.
  5. I am interested too, BTW Adam I thought you quit chewing....:lol:
  6. We used to do the same thing in high school:lol: im sure the guy at the gas station loved us going through each can of Kodiak until we found the one we wanted.
  7. It's your IQ level--take up smoking instead. Sure, lung cancer is a danger, but at least I'll still have a bottom jaw while I wheel my oxygen tank around.

  8. Been there done that, the days of Kodiak @ ten dollars a log are history....that was when you would get 10 cans per log, now they give you five in a roll.
  9. haha, funny i should run across this, as i am a grizzly straight fan myself. Probably should quit at some point..... Anyway, I too heard that. The number under the barcode does represent the quality of the chew. We did a little experiment, and apparently if you get a lower number then the chew will be balled up in little chunks when you get down the bottom of a can. Although grizz is still really cheap, they sell the 1's and 2's at Walmart, thats why they are $1.92. The highest I have ever gotten was a 6, and that must've been $2.80 something, but it was also at some gas station. Interesting to think about..... but after all its Grizzly, and I think the possiblity of getting a 10 would be like winning the lottery.
  10. malainse

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    NOTHING to do with the quality of tobacco, all are the same....

    1- denotes that the government warning on that label is "This product is not a safe alternative....."

    2- denotes that the warning is "This product may cause gum disease.....

    3 - "This product may cause mouth cancer."


  11. ETC... whats 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Government warnings?:D
  12. Those numbers at the end of the bar code are not the rating of tobacco. They are the same on every can of the like. It si simple for keeping track of sales and ringing them up. I worked as a cashier and am about to start another cashier job.

    I do not know where you can find the quality of the tobacco, but that number at the end of the bar code does not have anything to do with the quality.
  13. Figured I'd chime in here as I'm a little too into the Wintergreen Griz...

    I've tried Skoal, Kodiak, etc etc...Griz is nothing but a slightly lower grade version of Kodiak (I believe the same company owns them as well, although I haven't bought a tin of Kodiak in a while now)...

    All I know is that for $2.19 a tin, you can't go wrong :lol:. By the way Gomer, good thread lol.
  14. chew is bad stuff, i heard of a girl that got lip cancer from second hand chew.
  15. I bet it is just a lot number, but I have had some kinda nasty cans I would rate a 1.

    Finally quit after 2 years myself after noticing my gum line receding in the chaw area. Stopped chewing and it is recovering already. Quit cold turkey and have not touched the stuff since. Fear of losing my bottom teeth and jaw was a good motivating factor:lol:.

    I think I enjoyed chew the most because it really pissed off my wife.:evil:

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