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  1. I got a 7point who had an open wound near his right shoulder. There was some greenish pus coming out. While processing I also found an arrow head sort of lodged near the front of the left shoulder along the body. To be honest though, I don't think the two are related since there is no way that an arrow could have gotten from the open wound to the arrow. The open wound looked more like he had been gored by another deer. What mainly has me concerned though is that under the open wound and over the backstrap there was a large cavity inside a layer of fat (more fat here than on the other side) filled with more of this green pus.

    Thoughts? Meat good/bad? Cut it out and continue?



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    That my friend looks like ganggreen-sp?. You have a stronger stomach than I do if you are going to eat that.

  3. Cut it out. Use the smell test, keep cutting until you get to fresh meat. We had one this year as well.
  4. The infection has ran the deer whole blood stream and has infected the rest of the meat. I would not eat it!
  5. "I fear it might be gangrenous. The would is beginning to smell a little like almonds, which is not good."

  6. It's my own fault for reading the subject of "Green Puss" and still opening it but....YUCK!
  7. The body fights back by isolating the infection, and creating a sack around it. Gangrene is green meat, where the infection has won over the hoast. If you see green meat, I'd pitch it. Isolated infections, (puss bags) can be cut out, and the good meat can be salvaged as an option.
  8. Cut it out. The nose knows. If it smells ok, it is...usually!:yikes:
  9. That is what I believe and my butcher
  10. I'd just cut around the green snot portion and throw it away. The rest should be fine. I shot my first deer this year to have this nasty stuff in some portion in it. 1 pus pocket in the hind end and one in the chest. Buckshot seemed to be the likely cause, but I got sick of cutting down through the wound channel with that nasty goop dripping out and just cut the area out.

    I once shot a turkey that was completely non-edible because of this junk. I wish other people would wait for better shots sometimes. :(
  11. I work as a butcher for the deer season and have seen hundreds of deer with this. It is just an infection. I wouldn't worry about it much. Like others said, just cut it out and go from there.
  12. mike the pike

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    Its guacomole..break out the chips--ole'
  13. just to pus? correct??

    green puss would be a nasty gynecological condition that would certainly not be seen in a 7 pt. buck. :D
  14. And something that I'm sure you'd never want on the menu. :evil:


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