green lake smelt

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  1. Ice was alot better last night few permanent shantys out now got 110 smelt between two of us useing perch minnow chunks they shut off for hour between 830@930then turned back on and were still hitting at midnight when we left and salmon seeker if read this yes had underwater light but yeah had a blast becomes addicting catching them hard to leave ice when hitting like that but good luck to all you smelt fishermen

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  2. Addiction is not a good enough description!
    Them Damn smelt worse than crack!

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  3. Lol i hear that bro !!!
  4. how thick is the ice?
  5. Crack Attack smelt :yikes: !!!!!! Good news!! How deep were they if I may ask. Graph is havin fits so may be a crap shoot for me.
  6. I am on green right now sitting over 38' marking a bunch from 15'-30'

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  7. sweet, i hope it's more than 2" though, I need 4 to hold me up!lol
  8. i'd say there is 3" clear black under 2" white

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  9. daaaang. Hopped out of the shanty to leave, where'd that 8" of snow come from? Lots of snow on top of slush now :(

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  10. Anybody headed to green tonight with this new heavy slop?
  11. yea that,started fishing them little buggers 10 years ago and still addicted.
  12. If you get the fever real bad call Smeltaholics Anonymous. They have a chapter in Interlochen. They will start you out on a 12 step program. I didn't make it past the first step. :lol::lol:
  13. I was going to ask for a number. But if it didn't hahaha.

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  14. Anyone out on green tonight?

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