Grand River Smallies?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by mweberski, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I'll be renting a house on Little Black Lake next week and was hoping to get on some trout fishing without driving too far. I won't have a boat, so places to wade or shore fish are best. The Grand River is close to the house. Is there trout in the grand river? If not, I assume there are smallmouth. Where is a good place to wade fish for smallies on the grand river. Or any closeby trout fisheries that I am overlooking? p.s. croton dam is too far. Thanks.

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  2. Honestly, anywhere on the grand is good to fish for smallmouth.

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  3. :yeahthat: Wherever you find wadable depths plus a bit of cover you should find smallies. I have fished the Grand between Eaton Rapids and Grand Rapids and consistantly take fish in water between 3-4' deep. I'd suggest focusing on areas with firm bottoms and a fair amount of current. Heat and oxygen start to be factors this time of year.
  4. OK, thanks alot for the help. I'll be fishing the grand downriver from Grand Rapids. Hopefully it's shallow enough to wade and I'll get a bunch of smallies.

  5. I'd be careful down in that area.
  6. Your right between two good pier's Grand n Muskgon. I think we have a east wind coming.

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