Grand Lake Presque Isle County?

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  1. Does anyone know about the walleye and smallmouth fishery in this lake? Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There is an abundance of big small mouth in this lake. We routinely catch 4lbers and they go bigger than that pretty easily. The lake has a lot of sunken islands and rockpiles that they congregate near, as well as a large number of weedbeds that are always productive for smallies. The walleye fishing is usually pretty good also. A lot of people swear they limit out everytime they go so I probably just don't know where to fish. Last summer I couldn't catch anything but 14inch walleye. They were everywhere. Trolling rapalas and crawler harnesses. blue & red, or purple seem to do best in my experience. Fish tend to hang near weeds at the drop offs. Good luck. Smallmouth fishing has been hot in the last fews weeks due to spawn

  3. thank you very much. I will get back to you on how i did.
  4. I agree with JBooth.

    The walleye fishing is great, but you will sort a lot. I mostly fish on the northern part of the lake & do very well. just north of 3 sisters island is a great spot. Also north east of grand island always seems to produce.

    I always drift with crawler harnesses.

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