Govt Shutdown And CRP Impact

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by farmlegend, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. October is typically the month in which CRP annual rental payments get made to landowners who have invested in soil conservation, healthy ecosystems, and wildlife habitat.

    I noted that my local USDA office is closed right now, with a voicemail recording citing the shutdown.

    Once again, America's farmers are among the first to get thrown under the bus for the failure of government to live within its means. I'm betting that local township treasurers will be unimpressed if hardships caused by the USDA's payment delinquency cause the payment of winter tax bills to be delayed.

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  2. Shouldn't be no subsidies anyways....remember the government is broke! Everyone complains about it but yet there the ones with there hands out. Put it back into crops. You will make more anyways. Oh wait you did it for the deer habitat. From your post I would say financially your doing just fine without the handout no matter how you word it. Not trying to start an argument JMO

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  3. Jeez, agbuckhunter, are you this coldhearted to guys that have been laid off from their jobs? Rental income is no different to its recipient than is a paycheck.
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  4. No not cold hearted at all. Just sick of hearing about the poor farmers. All the farmers I know are millionaires yet they complain every time the govt talks about cutting subsidies. I'm sorry If your making $$$ then there should not be any handouts. It's not the 80's and farmers are thriving. It's not just farmers either. My point was don't complain about the government being broke when your dipping into there pockets. Just saying.

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  5. To add to the "welfare for deer hunters" (CRP) :evilsmile topic, I luckily nudged my local office late last Thursday to see if my home property was cleared to go and I got a phone call Friday am in a panic how she had to get all of the paper work done by Monday before the government shut down on Tuesday...

    I've been waiting on getting this approved for nearly two years... It has been held up in cultural resources because they thought there may be some Indian bones or artifacts on the property. What a joke...:confused:

    None the less, I got everything signed and approved on Friday and my field will get planted with WSG, spruce for windbreaks and tag alders for cover around my soon to be restored wetlands.

    When the field is finished, I should have 7 acres of restored wetlands scattered throughout my 36 acre field. With wind breaks full of spruce screening all of my neighbors and the WSG surrounding the scatted thickets of Tags, it should work well as broken cover in a very cover starved area.
  6. Whew! Good going Scott. Your commitment to conservation is appreciated.

    Monroe County ought to produce some majorly premium rental rates.
  7. You should really reconsider your stance on this topic...the CRP program is extremely important in that it allows for habitat to be restored which is essential in managing various species of wildlife...deer, turkey, and pheasants are among the many who benefit from this's not all about getting paid just to set aside some land! I watched the Boone and Crockett tv show tonight and they had a great program explaining the many benefits of the Farm Bill, CRP, WHIP, etc...if you take away these programs and farmers do nothing but plant row crops from fence line to fence line, wildlife will undoubtedly suffer much so that turkey numbers would probably decrease and you could pretty much forget about having a wild population of pheasants in this state!
  8. Do you seriously think that farmers make more income from CRP ground than they could from farming? CRP is about preventing erosion and restoring habitat, not about subsidizing farmers.
  9. Farmers feed america it is that simple. They do make good money but also have lots of days where they gotta work around the clock. A majority of farmers now were given the land by their fathers etc so without subsidy money it would break them trying to buy tillable land these days. I know people getting 150 bucks per acre for crp nwsg fields right now.:D

  10. Well the only good thing that came from my two year delay is my rental rate took a $50/acre jump... I'm pushing $200/acre, but I may never be able to farm my field again (potential lost future income) because of the wetland restorations going on, so one should get a premium for that.
  11. How does someone get information regarding CRP programs?

    Thanks in advance!! ;)
  12. Look up your local (county) soil conservation, Farm service agency (fsa) or natural resources conservation service (NRCS) office. They may all be in the same location. Like Dan mentioned above, they may not be open right now though...

    If you google it there is a ton of info also.
  13. Thanks...will do.

    My neighbor is having some pond work done in exchange for some warm season grasses. Something to consider! :dizzy:
  14. Is this a private deal? I would be interested in something like this regarding the pond/grass.
  15. US Fish and Game may provide funds for restoration of wetlands as well.

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