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  1. Can someone recommend a Goose Call? I'm going to buy a Goose call for my son and I really don't know much about them. I've good things about Zink calls.

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  2. Personally I'm not a fan of Zink Calls...they dont sound good in my opinion, and the bell insert makes them hard to blow/learn on....
    I prefer Foiles Calls. They are great all around calls and are fairly easy to learn on....

    GK Calls also makes great goose calls and are based out of michigan :coolgleam

    That being said, it's all about personal preference...what one person may like the other may not...You just have to try them for yourself and find what you like...

  3. Are ya expert, or beginner?
    If beginner, a Big River wooden flute call, the short kind if you can find one. I have $150.00 calls, and the Big River is my goof proof call to go to.
    That being said, I like my $150.00 Foiles Migrator, but it's tempermental to cold and dirt, and can squeak or not break at key moments. It's got great volume and clarity though.
  4. Send "Smoke" a private message. He owns and builds Quacker Attacker calls.

    Great guy, located in W. Michigan near Holland. He'll get ya' going down the right road.

  5. I Blow a Zink and like it very much, but there a different animal. To get good with them requires "Lots" of pracice. Give Dahmer a shout about the Foiles. My son blows one and it sounds pretty good.
  6. I have a GK as well and it's my favorite thus far.:coolgleam My first "beginner" call that came recommended to me was a quackhead "Goozilla" which I've found is easy to blow as well.
  7. I never made the corilation:confused: Now I know.

    Knight & Hale Pit magic $15

    Big River Flute $20-25

    Foiles Straight Meat $160

    Lynch Mob also Michigan made $130-160.
  8. I have always been a Grounds guy, currently the lanyard sports a Long Mag in Cocabola, Super Mag in Maple and a Honkers Magic Magnet.

    Of the three I generally go to the Long Mag as my go to call, but the Super Mag gets it done as well. The HMM is a higher pitch call that is also very easy to use, but to me does better when we have smaller geese around.

    The rep that Grounds calls get is that they are hard to blow (require more air), but I had no issues from the get go with mine.

    I am partial to them because my HMM is the first short reed I could get to sound decent and that is due alot in fact to Tim spending time on the phone with me coaching me on the short reed. He is a Class Act and has always been helpful and patient.

    I recently purchase a Zink LM1 in Cocabola, it is also a great call that is slowly working its way to either my go to or 2nd call as I learn to get it to sound right (it blows a bit different than my Grounds calls).

    The folks at Zink are also class acts.

    In the past I have used Winglock calls as well, they are very user friendly and their pricing is excellent for the quality of call they produce. I believe the Maple Short Reed is around $40.00. Plus, Rick Perry is a heck of a nice guy to deal with.

    My sons both took to Grounds and Winglock calls fairly easily (with the help of the Honker Talk video) at 12 to 13 years old.

    I have never tried a Foiles call, can't comment on them at all.

    If it were me entering the short reed game, I'd start with a Winglock, Grounds or Zink call. They all make affordable models made in polycarb or a similar material that will serve a new caller well.

    Don't overlook Michigan Call Makers like Quacker Attacker or Bartman Calls. They both make quality calls here in Michigan that will also serve you well.

    It also helps to purchase Shawn Stahls Honker Talk (also a Michigan Guy) or another quality instructional video to help the learning curve as well.
  9. I'll put a vote in for Fred's calls. I have three of them and love them all.

    Zink Money Maker is my bread and butter call
    Zink LM-1 in cocobolo is my #2 call, depending on the weather/conditions, it can sound awfully sweet
    Zink Power Maximus polycarb call also has a permanant place on my lanyard, little different sound than the other two, but runs similar to the others so makes a good entry level/back up call w/out having to change style very much.
  10. If he is just starting out, me and my son both started out with big river calls. They are inexpensive and real easy to blow. They sound really good once you get the hang of it. When he wants to move up I like the Tim Grounds super mag its kinda touchy in the cold and harder to use but it sounds sweet when its on.
  11. Seeings that he is a "virgin goose caller" do not start him on a flute. Easy to learn, yes, but when he wants to move to a short reed the transition will be more difficult than if he starts on a short reed. ;)

    I believe to many guys get caught up in the name brand thing. I am pretty savvy on a goose call :evil: and blow all foiles calls. With this being said, you can hand me any quality goose call, a few reeds, a razor blade and some time, and I can make pretty much any call meet my calling style.

    It is much more in how the call is tuned and the reed shaved than the actual design of the call. Most guts are pretty much the same for one call or another.

    Now for your son. Well we have seen the birth of some really good poly calls in the last few years. Any of these Poly calls will put Honkers feet down and are easy to blow. There are still some poly calls that are junk and hard to blow. These are not.

    Mick lacy Chinook: Awesome sounding higher pitched 25 bucks

    Quackhead Goosezilla: Tunable as a get out and goosey as hell 30 bucks

    Foiles Coles Carnage: A little overpriced at 59 bucks but yer pimpin the Foiles name:lol:
  12. one thing that i would encourage a new caller to do is pick up a modern call. big rivers are great and all but they require a whole different air volume control (excessive) and once you learn that way of calling your literally screwed trying to blow something else.

    buy a cheap poly goose call (shorty) from the numerous call makers before you dump 100's into an acrylic.
  13. great piece of advice.

  14. Yup very good instructional. Get a couple instructionals from a couple different makers.

    You might learn to Honk faster as presented by Shawn Stahl, but the moan may come easier from say Foiles. etc etc etc
  15. I recently tried those new fang dangled shorty goose calls. I learned on a Haydel H-81 Honker for about 10 bucks. Still use that call occasionaly. Sometimes the geese just need to hear something different to finish.

    I just prior to the season, purchased a set of calls from Lewis Custom Calls. He lives in SW MI. Nice guy, and I have to say, his calls sound pretty good to me. The goose call is easy to get the hang of. I sucked the first couple times while at his place picking it up. He told me a couple things, and then I got it. A lot easier to blow than a couple of the plastic cheapy calls. Good price too. I got the combo for $125.00, a duck call and a goose call. Guarenteed for life. I liked that. He can also tune them to your calling style.

    At any rate, good luck in your goose calls, glad you are getting the youth into it.

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