Glock 31 or Sig 226 (.357 Sig)

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  1. I've owned (since 1994) and still have a Browning Hi-
    Power 9mm. It's very accurate in my hands and have been asked to sell it many times over. I've gotten a great offer to sell it and I've wanted to get a .357 Sig since the round was introduced. So I've decided to sell the old girl and get an update.
    I'm most interested in accuracy as to anything else. I'm leaning to the Sig 226 because it is DA/SA in lieu of the Glock DAO. Anyone have experience with both or another manufacture with a 357 Sig offering?

    Not interested in .40 sw or 45 ACP opinions. I want the .357 Sig


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  2. I carry a Glock 32, in .357 sig. Shooting it in IDPA versus my Sig 226 in .40, the Sig is more accurate do to pistol weight and the slightly different recoil of the .40. That said, the .357's are still all center mass.:)

  3. Any chance the P226's improved accuracy is due to barrel length and "real" lands & grooves? That's why I'm leaning towards the Sig. and hoping to hear a Full Size comparison 31 to 226. Thanks for the info.
  4. IMO the 226 recovers faster on target due to the weight and size of the platform. A full size weapon is more difficult to properly conceal and draw quickly, especially during the summer months.
  5. Buy a Glock Model 35 .40 cal. Buy a $100 wolf barrel in .357 Now you have a .40 and a .357 with real lands and grooves (like it makes a difference) Put a $15 3.5 lb. trigger conector in the glock and your all set.
  6. :yeahthat: but make it a glock 22. Its what I have and it is fun to be able to switch quickly when shooting at the range or what not.
  7. Sig. Why? Because its a Sig.
  8. First let me say that I think you are making a huge mistake. But to each his own.

    Why are you drawn to the 357 sig?

    The two guns you are asking about are totally diferent beasts. I like both. What are you looking to do with it?
  9. The G32 or G31 are both great gun and are very accurate. The G31 you can hit 10" paper plates at 100 yards with it. I shoot Gold Dots in mine and I buy it 5000+ rds at a time and I also use it for range ammo also, it lasts a few months. I shoot what I carry.
    For a home gun they are very load to shoot indoors and have a lot of penetration VS many other semi auto's in standard handguns but the 10MM.
    If you plan on shooting competition with it, it will get expensive fast.
    I would take the .357 Sig or 10MM over the 40 cal or 45 ACP in a semi auto any day.
  10. I agree. We just switched from Sig 9mm to the Sig 357 auto a few years ago. It takes a little to get use to the bite in this gun, but wow what a beast!!!
  11. That simple statement says it all.
  12. Why are you drawn to the 357 sig?
    Velocity, Penetration, and Accuracy.

    The two guns you are asking about are totally diferent beasts. I like both.

    Yes they are, but I narrowed down the 2 manufacturers I was most interested in and they (31 & 226) were their full size offerings in .357 Sig. If Walther made a .357 it would be my choice.

    What are you looking to do with it?
    Greeting uninvited visitors to my home, target shooting at the local indoor range and an occasional woodchuck for grins.

    Thanks everyone I think I'll get the 226 and get a .40 barrel for it at some point.
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  13. A .357 Sig is NOT a gun to shoot indoors it is very LOUD and will go thru many walls before it stops. Do some research on the Sig round and some of the testing of it, it is a very impressive round with the right ammo.
    Many in the Secret Service carry the .357 Sig round, it is great at defeating car skins, walls, auto glass and level 2 body armor. Some departments are worried about over penetration of the round.
  14. Both ear protection, and safety glasses are required at our range. We have guys shooting .50 DE's, 44 and 357 mags all the time. So the loudness factor is not an issue.

    I'm aware of the .357 Sig's penetration capabilities, that and it's longer range is why I prefer it.

    Thanks for the info, I get the 226 in a week.
    I liked the 31 too but the Sig seemed to fit better in my hand. I don't think either one is a bad choice.

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