Globe for coleman #275 lantern

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  1. Al, I'm thinkin the 275 is the brown one with the funnel shaped globe? If so they'll be hard to find locally. When I cant find what I need locally these guys have never let me down! Other than an occasional e-bay find these guys have it all and a really decent prices! Take care - Greg

  2. Yep it's the brown 2 mantle model with the funnel shaped glass with white bars on it. No luck with the link you posted Greg, thanks for your help.Al
  3. :confused: You can't open the link? Odd, it worked for me. Try this....

    Website address is

    Click on "Old Town Coleman Center", then "Repair Parts", then "Just Globes", scroll down to the third row, there you'll see the globes for the 275/5114 models. There's four different ones. Plain Glass, Red, Amber and Frosted. Click on the one you want, it will put it into a shopping basket for you.

    Let me know what happens. ;)
  4. Got it this time Greg, thanks again! Al
  5. If heading North go to the Coleman store I bet they can help. They have a lot of stuff there and may be able to order the mantle there.

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    275-710 : 2 Mantle Gas Lantern
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    Item# QTY Part # Description Price
    1 21A102 MANTLES, 2PK $2.00

    1 21B122 INSTACLIP MANTLES, 2PK $2.00

    1 21A104 MANTLES, 4PK $4.00

    4 118B2181 GAS TIP $1.50

    5 118B2381 NEEDLE ASSY $2.52

    6 200-6381 CHECK VALVE & AIR STEM $2.20

    7 216-5091 PUMP CUP LEATHER $1.50

    8 220-3301 BURNER TUBE $2.20

    9 220-5231 CAP & SCREEN, 2PK $2.64

    10 220C1401 FILLER CAP $3.00

    11 N/A 5410-2451 NUT $1.10

    12 242-1071 PUSH ON NUT - Use with neoprene pump cup (216-1091) only $1.76

    13 242J5201 PUMP PLUNGER $5.50

    14 220-4411 BALL NUT, 2PK $3.00

    15 N/A 275-5111 INDEX ASSY $1.50

    16 N/A 275A1051 TUBE FITTING $1.50

    17 N/A 275A2141 VALVE STEM $4.40

    18 530A5071 PUMP CLIP $1.50

    19 605-210 JAMB NUT $1.50

    20 5114-0481 GLOBE, #880 $9.00

    21 220E5891 GENERATOR $7.00

    99 200K2251 Pump Lube $4.00

    If you have any questions about the appropriate replacement part for your Coleman product, call customer service at 800-835-3278 or email at

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    Here it is? :fish:
  7. Bass Pro Shop site has it listed for $9.99 camping/auto - general camping - lanterns Page 2 top left.
  8. Thanks for the links guys, I got one thru the coleman parts store. Al

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