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  1. Has anyone heard about a giant EHD buck found dead in northern Branch County????????

    I have seen plenty of big ones on here, but I have heard a few rumors of a 180"+ buck found.:SHOCKED:

    Any truth to these stories?

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  2. Don't know about Branch cnty, but i have a picture of two bucks found in S Calhoun cnty. Larger one looks to be about 200" non-typical ! Shame.

  3. Lets see the pictures

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  4. Can you post the pics? Thats where i "was" gonna gun hunt, SW Calhoun...
  5. Can we see please????

  6. Pics???
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  8. ^^^^^^

    Wow, that'd be enough to make ya cry.....
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  9. you aint kidding
  10. I've heard of a 180" being found dead (EHD) southeast of Gun Lake. No pics and not sure if true or not. Has anyone else heard of this?
  12. 1ludman

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    Proof that even game ranch deer can contact ehd.
  13. WOW.. those are giants! Can anyone else confirm that these are EHD related and maybe more specific on location?
  14. I received an e-mail yesterday that these were found on our property in Ingham co. Sombody is blowing some smoke!:sad: If you look on the Michigan whitetail deer property web site you will see the same picture and they said one came from jackson co, and one came from calhoun co. You got to love the net!
  15. Anyway to make the pic bigger ?

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