Geese return to roost?

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  1. Hey guys,
    Well first let me say that I have no goose decoys and no call. But I was out driving around tonight checking a few spots and found the mother load of ducks:rant: lol just to bad its now! I mean there are tons and tons of ducks landing in this corn field..But anyways

    As I continued my drive I found geese about 1/2 mile feeding in a corn field or so just out side of where I believe they are roosting..I can get my boat and electric motor to the spot to check for signs if they are using it.

    Now if Im lucky and right that they are using this spot what time will the birds head in from the field? Like I said I dont have a call or anything but just hoping to ambush them and get a goose or two before seasons over.

    I see that shooting times ending are pretty much around 5:30 all January give or take. How would you go about hunting these geese in my situation as I know some look down on hunting a roost spot...


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  2. Give them a boost! I would go to the spot that you think they are roosting at about 2pm and wait for them to come back. With the weather coming in tomorrow it should get dark pretty early and they will return to the roost early. It may even be best that you dont use decoys if you know the exact spot that they are roosting on. I wouldnt try to sneak up on them in the am, that hardly ever turns out good but when you catch them filtering back to the roost you should see some pretty good shooting. Good luck and let us know how it turns out....Charlie

  3. Most goose hunters think it's a cardinal sin to hunt a roost in the late season. Once it gets hunted, generally the birds completely leave the area and head many counties away.

    I take it you have permission to hunt the water where you want to hunt the roost, right? Because by law you have to have permission to hunt it. Wait for the geese to leave to go to the field, then go in and set up your ambush. Don't push them off, let them go out naturally.
  4. I thought anything goes for the last weekend of the late season?:confused:

    So take a couple buddies and rip that roost up.:D
  5. Absolutely.
  6. Yup..have plenty of permission for it and have no concerns on water rights or issues;)

    Thanks guys for the input. I cant wait to try and field hunt some geese next year. Just gotta buy a layout and some dekes or least hook up with some ppl, but I def plan on buying my own layout this summer.

    Ok well the geese were feeding the field at about 4 when I drove by today. So Ill plan on going in the afternoon and driving the area first to see if I can locate birds in the field before going in.

    Now only problem that I didnt mention before is I have to get my truck back lol..Its in the shop but should be done Monday or Tuesday. I hope the birds stick around. I wanna try to hit it on Weds. But if not as a precation, I have my buddy picking up my waders and some water supplys on his way back to school tom. Ill def take some pics if it works out.

    But anyways thanks for the help and hoping things come together to get my first solo goose.
  7. Ieatantlers

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    Or you can call me up and I will bring a trailer and hunt the field the right way. Still in E.L. cass?:D
  8. Try not to shoot into any large flocks coming back or you'll educate the whole group. Or shoot at the tail end of the flock.

    If you're close to the roost this may not work, but you can always crack the first flock or two that comes back and get out of there before the main herd returns. Sometimes you can nurse a couple hunts that way.

    Geese tend to always follow geese, so if you're off from being under the first group, move. Now.

  9. whoa, what a minute, wasn't it jan 2 when you told me you didn't want to shoot any geese?! we had a nice flock right on top of us and you didn't fire a shot, now you want to chase them with no gear?!

    oh btw, where's MY phone call?

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