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  1. hey guys, new to the list but hoping to get alot of useful info from this list as well as new hunting friends and acquaintences...

    anyone of you hunt in the gaylord/atlanta area? would be nice to have a few hunting friends up that way for when i go up for the weekends. i do alot of hunting in south central mi but really like the hunting farther north.

    so if you are interested maybe we could put a meeting together or even a bowhunt or rifle hunt.

    take care and hope to hear from all of you.
  2. A little info in your profile would help .Bud

  3. I have a cabin on the South end of Gaylord.
    I have not hunted around there much but I do not see many deer around.
    People were saying there are not many deer becuase of all the doe permits because of the TB.
    Now I am slowy hearing more and more that the hunting is improving because there is less deer hunter pressure.
  4. I have a cabin there & concur about the deer numbers being down. Only had the place 2 years now though. Small game & turkey are great in the area. I also go up for weekends, but mostly have been rabbit & partridge hunting. Really would like to hunt small game with someone up there cause I have no dog & it's tough to flush birds all by yourself. On average I'm up there about every other or every third weekend. If anyone is going up & wants to team up to hunt small game, let me know & I'll try to make it. John H.
  5. small game hunting up that way would be great... but my pup isn't quite old enough to do any bird flushing. do most of my hunting on Little carpo lake rd. never see another hunter it seems. got a nice 6 point there last gun season and seen alot of deer once i got in the right spot. we usually go up and stay at the tree tops resort east of town. family member works there so i can get rooms for discount price.

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