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  1. Fred has left us, and the fields and streams, woods and waters and the skies of Michigan. Some people loved every aspect of him, some despised him, some even found a bit of themselves in some of his more memorable moments. Who hasn't hada trailering mishap like Fred, or been bit by a bug or shot a branch in the way of their intended trophy? Yes, it seems that Fred didn't mind showing us the real side of hunting and fishing adventures, even at his own expense. He went ice fishing in deplorable conditions on a few episodes, not catching much, but reminding us that you don't always get to pick your days fishing or hunting. He also reminded us that you needed to just get out there away from it all, where-ever that may be, and make the best you can of things.

    Fred also spoke his mind, as many know, and it cost him dearly. But Fred was a man who stood by his words and did not back down from the beliefs he had. Love him or hate him, you have to respect a man for that. I've missed his opinions on issues since his show went off the air, no matter if I agreed with him or not.

    Fred showed us more of a real hunting show than most other shows (excluding MOOD) in the sense that he went into the public lands, without guides, or stocked farms where most of today's "hunting" shows are shot. He usually didn't go on charters, but did on occassion(Remember the Stannard Rock Charter?), choosing more to pusue the fish on his own or with viewers of the show who invited him along. He also visited real deer camps, not mega-buck hunting lodges seen on the "Real Hunting Shows", showing the real life conditions that the everyday sportsman/woman encounters. I wish his family our condolences, Cpt. and Crew.

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  2. Awww ****! All I could think of to say when I read this. I really liked watching that show.

  3. I am sorry to hear this news. no matter what you thought of Fred, he was michigan outdoors to many in this state.

    May he rest in peace, and roam the woods with the likes of Fred Bear
  4. What happen to him? illness? accident?
  5. Good points. I fondly remember watching and enjoying Michigan Outdoors on Thursday nights when it was Fred and Bob Garner.
  6. I found this posted on the website.

    Too bad, I enjoyed his show. RIP.

    I must write this -- Fred passed away this afternoon of complications from pneumonia. Details regarding a Memorial Service will be announced within the next couple of days.
    He will be missed by the sportsmen of Michigan. But even more he will be missed by his loving family & close friends.
    I've known Fred for many years. I can only say that I am the lucky one for having had in my life and for having him as my friend.
    Rest in peace my dear friend, I for one will miss you more than you could imagine. ​
    -- Sincerely, JoAnn Cribley, Webmaster ​
  7. One of my favorite Fred Trost moment was when he was fishing for smallmouth bass in a river and used helgramites. The helgramite bit his finger and he started yelling and it was bleeding. I thought that was pretty funny. He had a good show that was nice to watch on Thurs. nights. One thing I really liked about his shows was that while fishing he would always show the viewer what he was using for bait and how to use it. He seemed like a good man who cared a lot about the Michigan outdoors, and getting kids and people to enjoy it also.

  8. I,also was sorry to hear about Fred Trost.I too liked his shows.I liked the one when he was deer hunting on crutchers.He missed a buck because he hit a tree,later on in the show he got one.I also liked his opening day reports & recipe section of his show.I got interested in michigan hunting from him.I'm from NH.:sad:
  9. R.I.P Fred, I watched the show every Thurs since I was a little kid, you will be missed.
  10. That sucks.
    Fred was a great man.
  11. One of my most favorite shows on Sunday mornings! I have always enjoyed watching him. I couldnt wait for the big rack shows that he hosted.
  12. I remember watching his show with my Dad. He did a lot to publicize hunting in Michigan.

    Rest in peace, Fred.
  13. I grew up watching Fred on Thursday evening... come 7:30 I'd be glued to PBS. One of my fondest memories was deer camp in the late 80's trying desperately to get the rabbit ears on the TV set up just right to get enough snow out of the picture to watch Michigan Outdoors... As a child and teenager Fred was larger than life and pushed me to spend as much time as possible outoors... I even remember eating that big steak dinner so I had a full bottle or urine in the morning to lure in da turdy pointer, just as Fred had done.

    After the whole Buck Stop incident it just wasn't the same... To me, Practical Sportsman had somehow lost it's luster that Michigan Outoors had... But I watched anyway...

    I especially missed the segments where they'd show old footage from the original Michigan Outoors with Mort Neff... Especially the one where the folks had adopted the deer and it'd come in the house and such...

    Takes me back to simplier times...

    RIP Fred
  14. I believe it was illness, the Joe Sportsman site had an earlier notice that he was ill with pneumonia.

    Buster Boy
  15. Trost, 61, of Lansing, died of a rare lung condition after spending several weeks in Sparrow Hospital and the University of Michigan Medical Center, said his son, Zachary Trost of East Lansing.

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