Fred Trost Passes : RIP

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by wally-eye, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. As posted in another forum just reported that Fred Trost died last night/early this morning.

    If true its a sad day for all sportpeople in this state regardless of what you thought of his style......

    God Bless ya Fred...............


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  2. Truly a loss for sportsmen, Michigan. Prayers go out to the family.

  3. Kick 'em in the teeth for me Fred!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I believe it was complications from some type of pneumonia. Don't quote me on that, just the rumor. Still a sad day......

    Keep chasing that big buck in heaven Fred.
  5. Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn One of the good guys

    Sad news. Fred rest in peace.
  6. That is sad news indeed. The entire family spent many a Thursday night gathered around the tv watching Practical Sportsman.
  7. I really looked forward to Thursday night's and watching Fred. It is a sad day. I really think he had a good heart and tried to do what was best for us the sportsman.

    God bless you Fred.
  8. :yeahthat:

    :sad: Fred you will be missed!!!
  9. That's sad news. I always enjoyed watching him and the Practical Sportsman.
  10. :yikes: he wasent that old, I did enjoy watching him on tv thats to bad, you have to give the guy a A+ for trying to keep a outdoor show on here in Michigan, rest in peace fred.. Cya Slick
  11. Prayers for the family.Thank you Fred for all that you have done for us and taught us about this great state. Rest in peace in Gods Great Outdoors.
  12. My thoughts and prayers go out to Zach and all of his friends & family. I tried to never miss a show. I was just remembering the way he loved to make fun of himself....dumping a crock-pot of chili off the seat of his mini-van after applying the brakes too hard.....and then dropping another one on the ground later.....the time he backed the fifth-wheel rental through stumps and trees ripping the crap-pipe off underneath and basically "killing it" as his spotter yelled at him to stop.....
    I was grateful to him for resurecting Michigan Outdoors on Public TV, as I grew up with Mort Neff & Jerry Chipetta and missed the show very much. When I lived in Arkansas, I relished the tapes that friends sent me, and this show helped draw me back to Michigan.
    I love you, my brother. May I join you in the Big Hunt before too long.

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