Fred Trost passed away

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  1. Fred Trost, longtime host of the popular hunting and fishing show, “Michigan Outdoors,” died Wednesday.

    Trost, 61, of Lansing, died of a rare lung condition after spending several weeks in Sparrow Hospital and the University of Michigan Medical Center, said his son, Zachary Trost of East Lansing

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  2. Sad day in Michigan.

    I have fond memories of watching Michigan Outdoors as a child, sitting on my fathers lap. Viewing what ever adventure Fred was on.

    His work suffered as he became a controversial figure in our states outdoor scene, but none the less I believe he had Michigan's Sportsman and Women best interests at heart. His Michigan Outdoors program was so much better then his re-organized practical sporstman.

  3. Fred, I agree. Back in the 80's and early 90's his show was all about hunting, and at the end of the show, cooking (my favorite part).

    It seemed as though once he passed his BAR, thats when the downhill spiral started. It became more about politics than hunting. Either way, I still miss the opening theme song and Bob Garners large body taste testing the meals! :lol:

  4. I believe he did too.

    I watched him MC/Host a Outdoor Sportsman Show at the Houghton Lake High School back in the early 80's and believe me...he was a joy to watch. He "loved" what he was doing and did it with great passion.

    I feel bad(for myself), that the last time I saw Fred, at the Woods and Water Weekend in Imlay City, and I didn't "say" something to him. He walked past me and I was about to turn around and stop tell him how much I had enjoyed his shows over the years and actually even missed his last one.

    But, for some reason, I didn't.

    He just had that look on his face, when he walked by me, like he didn't want to talk to anyone. He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. So, I let it pass...thinking I'd just tell him the next time...

    And, Yes. It is a sad day in Michigan...

    Brian. (formerly known as twosetters on
  5. So sorry to hear of Fred Trost passing. I also saw a notice on I really enjoyed the old shows at the very beginning with Cathy Bitler (not sure of the spelling) and Bob Garner. My best to Zach and all Freds family.
  6. It truly is a sad day for Michigan and the people that love the outdoors.
    Regardless of the direction his shows took later in his career, nothing will ever top the early days of Fred Trost and Bob Garner. There hasn't been an outdoor show since that can even come close to matching those early episodes. They have tried to duplicate the show using other host's, but it was never the same.

    Fred Trost holds a special place in my memories. Just as does Mort Neff and Fred Bear.
  7. R.I.P. Fred. You will be missed.
  8. I also feel Fred cared for Michigan Hunters and fishermen interests.
    Sad Day
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  10. Together we should all write letters to the freepress about this, because this is just not the right thing to do. I became furious as I read this article, the BP is sky high right now! Everybody makes mistakes in life, Fred made his share, but this article only talks about the negative things and mentions hardly anything positive about this man. I have no problem with writers ripping people, but two days after he dies is just WRONG!
  11. Sorry, but I do not see that at all. After seeing your msg I opened up my copy of todays paper and started reading the article. Quite to the contrary but it is reading as a very well written obituary by an outdoor community person and written about an outdoor community person and the article is directed at the outdoor community. The article is meant to provide information on the person and his life and is also supposed to help the general public understand why the outdoor community found the person to be of interest and to be important.

    A newspaper article is not supposed to be a eulogy about the deceased as those are usually given at the funeral or memorial service.
  12. homerdog

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    Sharp had plenty of time prior to his death to write the article, why wait until after he dies? Maybe because Fred can't sue him for libel now that he's dead. ;)
  13. I guess there's two ways to look at this:

    My mom once told me that just because a guy dies doesn't mean he's no longer an @-hole. Apparently Sharp felt like Fred was just that, and despite Fred's passing, Sharp wasn't about to change his opinion of the man.

    On the other hand, Fred's body isn't even cold yet. Perhaps Sharp could have held his tongue (or typewriter in this case) for a week or so before he aired his grievances about his past dealings with the man.

    I personally felt like this article was a cheap shot published at the wrong time. Sharp used Fred's untimely demise to voice HIS negative opinion of the guy.
  14. The man may not have been perfect. But then again who is. I watched his show when I was growing up. But As I got older time was just not there to watch it. I went with a friend of mine who got the chance to meet Fred Trost. To me he was another guy that loved the outdoors. Yeah he had a tv show. But the way he talked and conducted himself was like an ordinary person. For that I give him respect. I don't know everything about him. I never will either. But I know he taught me how to hunt and I have used his tips on skinning animals.

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