Frabil Ranger Solo or Fish Trap Pro

Discussion in '' started by WEEKEND WARRIOR, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Hello
    I have the Shappal 4000 shanty now. I am looking to buy a smaller one because the wind has been to strong. Reeds Sporting Goods has the Fish Trap Pro and the Frabill Ranger Solo
    Does anybody have any input on these. Thanks in advance

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  2. WW,

    I've been using the solo for the last two years. It's a nice shanty. At the time, I bought it over the Trap because I felt it had a better fabric. However, I noticed the traps are made with a different material this year. The Frabill weighs more, and more weight means it's tougher to pull when there's snow on the ice... However, it's a breeze to pull compared to my XLTwin!


  3. I have been looking at the XLtwin, are you saying it is a pain????
    I currently have a fishtrap and need to go larger.
  4. My Twin is about four years old, and has the older style sled - the front is shaped just like the back. Snow builds up in front of it. It's not too bad with two people pulling, but it sucks if your on your own, unless there's no snow on the ice. That's why I bought the solo. The newer models have a 'rake' to the front (like my solo) that makes pulling it much easier.

    Hope that helps.

  5. The XLTwin is hard to pull on thick snow I have one also. On ice it's easy. If 2 people pull the Twin then it's easy on anything.
  6. Before you go out and buy one of those check out this link.
    I'm right on the verge of buying the small one, I have the sled already, I just can't find a store that has one set up already. I want to actually see it set up before I shell out that kinda dough.

  7. Thanks for the response guys I saw the ranger solo at cabalas
    it looks like it is built good have not seen the Fish Trap Pro. It looks like the same material the Clams have. most places i have called is out of the small shantys just large ones left. The Otter II looks good and i know it is good quality wish i could look at one first i guess its on the phone again the web site for otter had some michigan numbers i havent called.
    thanks again
  8. If your having prob's with your 4000 and the wind . I drilled a hole in the bottom of my shanty and use a common lage bolt with a big washer. I trun it in with a socket . takes a few min's but no more wind prob's good fishing!
  9. If you have a Shappell you must know its a good product. Shappell makes a 1 man ROVER with sled thats a nice unit!
    Good luck!
  10. WW, I just took my new Frabil ultra light smelt`n on Higgins.Is very easy to pull,penty of room,for a single I`m pleased for $149 MC sports,also Dunams.Mountainman shared some laughs,each caught 5dozen.He has a Rover by Shappel,another single,$199.For the extra $50 he gets a molded seat that slides back into the sled,nice to keep your feet off the ice.Mine has a molded spot for a bucket.Feet on the ice.My .02 See ya on the ice!
  11. I always pack ice on the bottom and it works good but i have seen winds bend the poles on other makes when tied down the shappall 4000 is nice easy pull with the pop out skis
    will still use it a lot looking for one smaller for windy days by myself easy pulling is a plus but if its to far to pull and enough ice i will take a machine and let it do the hard work thanks
  12. Serial Fish Killer
    What kind of Material is that My first shanty probably 15 years ago was the first miute man with pressboard floors used it for a lot of years plastic material finaly wore out second was the clam 5600 its canvas is still in good shape and i used it a lot.My cousins still using it Is that simular to the Clam material.
  13. I shopped for 2 weeks this year and looked at a lot of different sleds. I bought a rover because it seemed lighter and easier to use. some of the ones I've seen have poles that telescope out and it seems like a pain. With the rover you just drill your holes sit on the bench and flip it over your head. They even went so far as to make the windows mirrored on the outside so noone knows what your'e catching in there!:cool: :cool: :cool: They're hard to find but I've seen a few around set up in some stores. I'll let you know where if you want.

    Oh, yeah, I paid $189.00 for it

  14. Thanks for all the information guys. It was a hard decision so many nice shanties out their. Was on Lake ST Clair Sat and checked a few out and just ordered the Fish Trap Pro from Reeds
    Sporting Goods. They said it would be here by Thursday.
    Thanks again

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