fox recipes ?

Discussion in 'Other' started by hawgie, Jan 6, 2002.

  1. My father and I enjoy hunting and trapping. He is firm believer not to waste anything from the wild. He loves to try new recipes with wild game he shoots or traps. We are wondering if anyone has ever had fox or has any recipes or any ideas of how to cook it? Any help would do thank you.

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  2. What an unusual question. I guess that you could prepare it like cat or would need to check a Vietnamese cookbook for that info. Would you be willing to come to a wild game dinner in Lapeer County next month ? I would be willing to try a few bites.:D
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  3. thanks any idea would be better than none. my dad and i have been to the dinner before i have family from Lapeer. i would like some more info if you would please. thanks anyone else have ideas?:D
  4. Not much fat on foxes plus they tend to be stinky on the outside.
    I suppose if you are careful cleaning one you might try stir frying.
    Season well and hope it stays down :D
  5. I make great jerky out of anything,,,mmm good. Try the backwoods jerky spice packets. Cheap and good... ads a few red pepper flakes..
  6. i don't know about fox, but i've got a stray cat wanderin around the house. i guess if i fatten him up, in a couple months i could throw it on the spit. lol. seriously, though, i don't think anyone would think you were being wasteful if you didn't eat the foxes you shoot. if i felt i needed to eat everything i shot, i think i'd quit hunting foxes, coyotes, woodchucks and muskrats. that's fer sure!:D :D

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