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  1. So I was walking to my blind and started to smell something I look over and seen a 9 point about 40 yards from my blind I want the antlers should I call the dnr first?

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  2. Did someone shoot it, do you think it died from a disease or did it get hit by a car? Either way, you can just call the police and they'll come out to write you a possession tag

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  3. Didn't get hit its been dead a while maggets are eating it half the body's gone I just don't wanna get in trouble for want and waste if they see me carrying just the head

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  4. Take a picture for evidence but I would contact the dnr
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  5. I believe that is a very minor thing. I would just skull cap it and not waste the co's time. They are already thin and probably have a lot more important things to attend to. No one is going to prison for a skull cap from a rotten deer. Some rules just make no sense and thats one of them. Kind of like how its okay to bait year round within 100yds of house but not where you hunt. I know once rules get stretched some people take a mile but I believe your situation would barely be stretching.
  6. Cut the horns off and move on. That's my opinion. B

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  7. Yeah, just go ahead and cut em off and possess them with out tagging the deer. I am sure the DNR will understand why you didn't call them. They are not exactly sheds yet.
  8. ....and remain annonymous. Your initial gut is the " correct " thing to do. The authorities, in the improbable scenario that you actually got cited, would dock you $125 or so fine...crazy but true.
  9. Because its probably a sting operation and there is a CO waiting in the bushes to bust him right. Why does everything have to be so dramatic on this site its a dead deer people cut the horns off and back straps out of the ones on the side of the road all the time. Do you really think anyone is going to know, I highly doubt it. I am not looking for a fight here by any means. B

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  10. i agree tired of alot of these guys eith nothing better to do then think of all the bad thingsvabout everything guys post.take a picture and cut antlers closed.
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  11. Yep, there's common sense advice, quality advice, and *****ty advice....take your pick!! LOL
  12. haha laughing still.:lol::yikes:. just dont start a thread about it:lol::dizzy::help:
  13. Perhaps I live a sheltered existence, but I'm highly entertained by the possibility that anyone stops to remove the back straps from road kill. People actually do that?
  14. Perhaps, but that is for you to decide. Yes this happens all the time. And yes it is entertaining to catch one in the act. Lol.

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