Found Tick on my Dog

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Steelheadfred, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Just pulled a tick off my Dog Hilde's neck.

    I have never seen one before, had to google it.


    I also found an are of iritation on her neck, looked like an area with a big zit under the skin.

    Do I need to be concerned about this?

    I thought once we had a couple frosts they were no longer an issue.

    For what it is worth I live in Grand Traverse County

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  2. I haven't had a tick on my dogs yet, but I heard that if you pull them off while they are feeding you could leave the head or part of the head behind. Might want to call your vet and see if that's an issue.

  3. Did you see the head when you pulled it out? They are easy enough to see. If so, nothing you can do but wait and see. I have had many ticks on me and my dogs. I think we are both ok...according to me :D
  4. Fritz,

    I pulled one off Lily last fall...I hate those effin things. I was petting her and something fell off from around her ear that looked like a pink piece of corn. Upon closer inspection I saw it was one of those sick nasty little bastards (did I mention I don't like ticks :rant:).

    Anyway, I took it to the vet and they sent it to MSU to see if it had Lyme's. Fortunately it didn't. The reason I bring this up though is they will send it in and test it for free because they want to track which ticks are in certain areas and follow any associated issues they might carry. There is a very slight risk it has Lyme's and dogs can be treated for it. If you still have it haul it into the vet and they should ship it off for you at no charge for study purposes.
  5. One important thing to remember is the tick has to be attached for a minimum of 48 hours to transmit Lyme's Disease. This is, of course, assuming that particular tick carried the virus.;)
  6. Thanks for the info.

    I have it in a bag, the head still appears to be attached, but it looks to have been feeding...

    It is still alive. I will take it on Monday Jeff thanks for the advice.

  7. hyperformance1

    I get them on my dogs all the time in the warmer months. I check them over once a week pull them off and squash them. Never had a problem. Nasty suckers though.
  8. At least it wasnt found on the wife's neck, that could have been interesting.
  9. I've never got a tick on a dog in Michigan during the fall. However, no place I've been even compares to the "hallowed grouse grounds" of Northern Wisconsin. The deer ticks are so bad in the fall I quit going on an annual hunting trip because of them. It's a constant battle with those darn things up there using sprays, foams, coaming the dogs out after every outing and still ending up with dangerous pencil erasers in them. We sure are fortunate not to have to deal with that around here.....
  10. i saw some on some dogs earlier in the year. i dosed them all with frontline. it's fairly expensive, but i bought large doses and used a syringe to split them.
  11. i pull off 2 or three each fall. normally i dont find them until they are the size of a pea. never had an issue. just pull them off and soak the bite with alcohol. they are hard to find.
  12. just put nail polish on it's butt and they can't breathe and back out of the dog...
  13. I've seen more this year than any other: probably in the neigborhood of 15-20. The strange thing is that I saw all of them between early spring and mid-summer--zero this fall even though I've had my dogs out quite a bit.
  14. About 3 years ago I pulled 86 ticks off of one lab following one day of hunting. 86 ticks in a day, counted every one of them...not fun, but something we deal with here in WI daily.:sad:
  15. Don't any of you use a topical treatment on your dogs like Front-Line etc.?

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