Former Singer of Seduce Rock Band has passed away - Benefit to be held...

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by fishinggirl, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Angelo Ganos, former singer of the Detroit Rock Band Seduce and Killing Floor died this past week of a massive stroke caused by a brain hemmorage. WRIF radio in Detroit is holding a benefit for his family on Sunday February 17th at the Premeir Entertainment Center in Chesterfield Twp, MI. Seduce was a huge band here in the Detroit area since the 1980's... The benefit is also going to help a 10 year old boy named Jacob Mcquade who has inoperable brain cancer.

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  2. Wow, thats sad... hope they have a great turn out

  3. Thats a shame, as an up and coming guitar player way back then, I thought those guys were great.
  4. Seduce was a rockin band. Rip.
  5. seduce were douche bags. still are. they rip off artists and photographers. spamming up various forums like this one (off topic)*.
    they want video and images but refuse to pay then use the material anyway. these guys are schmucks, they got what they deserve. nothing.
    enjoy being kings of that lame club scene/trash dump chumps. :dizzy:


    the true story about them, here;

    the true story about the way they rip off the fans who help them, here;

    and here they 'spam' up the news forums, promoting themselves at any cost;

    connecting themselves to great detroit musicians like bob seger and ted nugent they post non-sense here on
    topix is loaded with delusional madness and mental illness by the likes of mark andrews (bass/vocals)... none of these morons have
    anything to do with hunting, fishing or anything conservation wise, they are using this forum to promote that lameness they call music.
    so, it's only fair to let everyone know all about these losers. enough already.

    i did not "get" spinal tap completely at the time. definitely gets funnier every time. two that really hit me hard were the "decline of western civilizations"
    movies. they destroyed the punk scene by pointing out its lameness at the time. then part 2 annihilated the hair metal scene, setting up the "grunge" era.

    it also helped to put an end to seduce, detroit's "so called" biggest band at the time. heroin did the rest. ;)



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