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  1. Last weekend I was in the U.P., I was hunting out of a blind that had Plexiglas windows. One of the days it did not get much above zero and I fought foggy windows all day. Does anybody know of a trick to keep the windows clean? The best I could come up with was to take my heater and hold it close to the window for a few seconds. This seemed to work for about a half hour then the windows would fog up again. It seemed the colder it was the harder it was to keep the windows clean. Wiping them with T.P. only helped for a few minutes and it ran my T.P. rations dangerously low. Something I try not to go hunting without. Back to the question, any tricks would be appreciated.

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  2. go to a dive shop, or some snowmobile places may have it, but it is anti/for. . . dive shops will have the best stuff. . it wont completely get rid of all of the condensation, but you will be able to see. .

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    Hunting is always difficult, and this is no exception. Fogged up plexiglass can be the bain of a good hunting experience. I've seen more hunting camps plagued by nightmarish plexiglass fog than I'd ever care to remember. It drives good people away from the sport, and that's something we should all be concerned about, what with decreasing particiipation in hunting and all. Someday, mankind will tackle this problem, but as of today, we just don't have the technology. :evil:

    So you'll just have to open the windows, or exhale outside your blind, to keep the interior humidity down. Or take a squeegee out and leave it in the blind.
  4. Easy fix!! Bring shaving cream to your blind, smear a hand full on the windows and polish it of with a paper towel! Guarantee your windows will be fog free.

  5. were you using a propane heater ? I hear that emits plenty of liquid as well as heat.......

    just a thought.
  6. Windows fogging up? What exactly were you doing in there? :lol:
  7. More heat or squeegee, have seen shaving cream work on the bedroom mirror.
  8. go to a sports store, and with the hockey equipment there should be anti-fogging stuff for the face shields, that should work great
  9. You need to open at least one of them. Otherwise, rain-x works, light layer of soup, shaving cream, anti-fog stuff from automotive or sporting good section of your favorite *mart store, etc.
  10. I get the same issues. What I did was hang some small curtains in the blind and opened a couple windows. I use thumb nails to hold the curtains tight and leave about a 2 inch gap on top to see out of. This gives me visibility without being seen and traps the heat of the heater fairly well. Just a thought.:)
  11. Thanks guys I will try some of these ideas. I have heard of the shaving cream for mirrors but never thought about it for the windows. I will probably just buy a cheap can and try it. I think I might try shaving cream on one and the mask stuff from the dive shop or wherever I can find some on another. My friend tried the rain-x and said that it helped make his windows shiney and it filled in all the scratches, but didn't really help with the condensation. As far as keeping a window open, I tried that and it didn't really help and it was barely above zero, so it got a little chilly in the blind too. I don't mind the cold, but if I am gonna be in a heated blind why not have it nice and toasty? I saw about 40 deer in three days so the window was open a lot anyway. It was a good weekend, despite the condensation.:evil:
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  13. Toothpaste works wonders too
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  14. Rain X Anti Fog-designed for autos but works good on anything I put it on. Interior windows (blind and truck), rifle scopes and it worked flawlessly. Easier to use then shaving cream and can be bought at an auto parts store.

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