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  1. I'm looking for a good idea on fly or squid storage. I wrap mine around a pool noodle and I keep thinking there has to be a better way. What are you guys doing to keep your flies organized?
  2. It's hard to beat the big pool noodles in my opinion. The wraps are big enough that you don't get much memory to the mono. I cut a slit the entire length on one side so I can tuck the swivel or tag end into it. The moodle pinches it to hol it in place, and then the hook can stick anywhere once you wrap it so length of the fly doesnt matter.


  3. I use a "Worm book" for bass fisherman. Wrap the leader around 3 fingers, twist the tag end thru large look 3 times and throw in the ziplok.
  4. pool noodle is a great idea coupled with a paper towel holder. a wood one so you can run the dowel threw the pool noddle. so you can pull the leader off like paper towels. like said in this video.

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