Fletcher's Pond

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by LundAlaskan, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Wondering if its worth a trip up there this summer for bass and pike. I've never fished it but I have heard good things about it. :help:

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  2. I hope someone has some input because my neighbor speaks VERY highly of Fletchers and I too would like to take a trip out there!

  3. I'm sure others will comment. I haven't been there for a few years but used to go there for a few days once a year. It can be fun, lots of under sized pike and the bass fishing can be very good. If I was to go up there agin I would spend some time on the rivers in the area. There are many wadeable areas and the rivers have bass and in the various holes large pike can be had.
  4. It is worth the trip. I fish it one weekend a year, and have had a good experience every time for bass. Like stated pike tend to run small, at least for me.
  5. Fletchers is the shallow lake - cast around the stump - fishing lake. It has fish, and the water is alway murky brown, lots of weed beds, etc..... If you go and do not really get to like it you can always hit Grand Lake & Long Lake on another day which are just east about 18 miles.

    Grand Lake is about as "NOT FLETCHERS" as you can get. Clear deep, big. Long lake is sort of in between. Go and have some fun. At least one of them will "float your boat".
  6. I love fletcher's! best for bass is usually in July. Lots of bugs but worth it IMHO. There is a buried railroad track that holds some nice fish usually. Bring an aluminum boat and go SLOW. You WILL hit stumps. There are plenty of rentals if you would rather risk their boats and outboards instead of your own.
  7. I have been going to Grand Lake for 26 years now. Hard to beat bass fishing in that lake. Consistently pulled 5 lbers last summer on coffee tubes around rock piles all over the lake. Plenty of big pike as well. If you can figure out the perch and walleye good for you, that is family of fish I have yet to figure out on a consistent basis. As mentioned, it is typically about 10-15ft deep, but goes to 30 in places, there are boulder fields and rock piles everywhere, weed beds everywhere, lily pads and shallow habitat and so on. Basically everything but flooded timber.

  8. :yeahthat: I won't take my boat on fletchers and rent one from Jacks. Unless you already have a boat with dents and don't mind getting a few more I'd recommend doing the same! Great place to fish though.
  9. My buddy and I went 5 years in a row. With few exceptions (Wind and rain issues) we always got our limit of panfish. We also caught some nice bass as well. We always went the first week in June and usually caught the gills on the beds. Don't go anymore b/c of the cost of gas.
  10. Great fishing can be had but follow the advice of many others and take it slow! When they first flooded and made a lake years ago, they waited until it froze over to cut the trees, right at ice level so most of the times the stumps are just under the water line making for interesting navigation. You can catch bass, pike and it has great crappie fishing if you can find them.
  11. Very shallow, and chuck full of stumps, great fishing however. By mid July it's very weedy. Been up there twice in past few weeks and water level is down a little,... Good idea to get some weedless hooks..troll a sucker..for pike and the big bass....nailed a couple 6 plus pounders (bass) with a sucker. You can't go fast on the lake, I've seen first timers up there rip their transom right off the boat going to fast in a lake like that which is heavily loaded with stumps.
    If you ask if it's worth the trip...well, it's peaceful, but I think personally the last couple years the fishing has seen a decline of the big ones. But never the less you do catch fish. Just not any where near like they used to be.
  12. B.Chunks

    B.Chunks Banned

    Stumps are pretty much gone on the pond besides the south and west ends. Ice and age have take most of them out. you can run wide open on 75% of the lake now. The stump horror stories are a thing of the past, but still be careful.

    I think it's going to be a banner year on Fletchers. Haven't seen this much action for yeeeaaaarrrrssss. Been slamming nice size largies for weeks while trolling for pike. Almost every bass has been a keeper. Released a limit yesterday with 2 close to 19". Bomber Long A's and crawler harnesses. Pike fishing has been so-so. Crappie were on fire yesterday trolling and drifting walleye harnesses. Bagged 10 slabs in the 10" range in the middle straight out from Jacks.

    See, no ice fishing last winter was a good thing for the pond! :)

    I've fished every lake up here, and unless you're looking for walleye, there's no better place than Fletchers.
  13. I think so as well, With no Ice fishing this past winter, the die off and usual takes in Ice fishing were virtually zip...meaning a very productive year. I've taken 32 northerns in 6 days up there, lost a few as well. 6 of those northerns were close to 36" One was 39" ...rest were beteen 24 and 30" ...All released to be caught again. The stumps are down quite a bit...but as I have mapped the lake over the past couple decades on sonar and depth finder...there are holes here and there as well as stumps. Where the big ones hang out.. The big bass and northerns are found in that area..When many say they're not biting..I know exactly where they headed.
    By the way for a select few...I know the lake where the next state record bass will come out of, a 220 acre lake, open 2 months out of the year...and seen (with my own eyes the size and wieght of 3 bass taken from there last summer) 91/2 lbs, 8.2 lbs..and 7.7 lbs.. This lake has no houses or people around it...dirt launch and is electric motor only...In the thumb area. 12 to 27 ft deep..Pike run easily to 40 inches.
  14. B.Chunks

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    Yep. Most people hate the stumps I love them! That's where the fish are. As the stumps are disappearing, the fish are getting pushed further and further into the nasty stuff. I've actually been deleting stumps marked in the past on my gps. If I want to go trophy hunting on the pond now, I do it on days with real good weather. Getting into and out of those prime areas can take some time and the last thing you want is the weather whipping up while you're deep in there. Done that before and it's not fun and very nerve racking. If you get into some of those crystal clear little tiny cuts and pockets on the south shore though, it's nothing to see 35-40" pike and 5-6# bass swimming around without a care in the world. They don't bite too often because they're easily spooked, but it's worth the effort when they do!

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