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  1. I've been invited to go up and hunt at a club for opening weekend. what should I expect. Will it be all boat hunting or is it shallow and good enough ground to hunt with waders? What kind of cover, trees or cattails? What kind of duck numbers typically? I done plenty of both marsh and open water hunting. I have a boat with a blind. Just wondering what to prepare for.


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  2. wear a flack jacket. :p

    not sure what part your gonna hunt but its a very clear water lake..in the back middle (south side) there is a ton of down timber and it can get pretty shallow but i think its kinda bottemless. Some open water blind hunt it and some crowd the shore. hard saying.

  3. I have hunted the Floodwaters several times for both the opener and later in the season. Do not expect to walk around too much. Much of the wading there is unsafe. Near shore you may wade but you will likely need a boat to even set decoys.

    You will need a boat to get around and you can expect to strike a few stumps in the dark or even in the daylight.

    It is best to have a boat blind that you can use to pull up to the shore at some spot and gun from.

    On the opener expect to see typical puddle ducks (mallards, wood ducks, teal) and some ring necks.

    I have experienced both excellent openers there and nearly duckless openers. Good luck. Enjoy your hunt and be safe.
  4. I think you would get the best info from the club that invited you.

  5. Probably ask he who invited you??:confused::confused:
  6. I hunted there one year on opening day, once. Never again. I don't know of any priavte spots on the lake, but there might be. What I do know is you better take a few props with you and the tools to change them out. There is a channel that is usually stump free, but other than that I think it is pretty debris littered.

    At first light I began wondering *** I was doing here. It was my first experience in a high pressure opening day place. I firmly believed I was gonna get shot that day when I motored out. Not intentionally, just from friendly fire. I don't think we got many birds either. Of course I didn't know the area, i was counting on the friends that invited me to have that info. Holy crap there was a lot of shooting going on, so there must have been birds somewhere. Did I mention there was a lot of gunfire ?
  7. :lol: ya beat me to that post! Wuz thinking the exact same thing.;)
  8. Call Jack's Landing and talk with him. He "usually" gives the straight story.

    It is one "H" of a body of water? Have you ever been there?? 12,000 acres of floodwaters!!:yikes: I would head out from Jacks and go all the way across at about a 1 o'clock heading. There are also NUMEROUS places other Fletchers to hunt ducks and geese in that area. Heck..We have even hunted the river in areas around there with good success.

    Go!! Have a good time. That is what it is mostly about. GOOD friends and a good time to forget life's worries for awhile. ;)

    Stop by on your way up and have cold pop.:D Lots of ducks (right now) around me. Lots.
  9. If you're able to, get there a few days early and scout in the mornings. The lake is big enough that some areas that people are hunting will not see ducks.

    You will need a boat, if you do not have a boat blind there are only a few areas that you can wade. even so it's dangerous.

    Do not lock you trim down! this is a big no no on Fletchers. Idle speed only. When you get into the stumps (if your going to hunt them) use a push poll. Any boat over 16 ft will be very hard to move around in the stumps, so smaller can be better.

    Bottom line is you really should spend at least a couple of day to scout and find a way to where the ducks are. I have hunted Fletchers for about 15 years and it can be very productive, but you can also miss big time.

    There are alot of spots that will hold duck that are not in a major stump field but the vegitation can be so thick that you would think that you dont even have prop. again use a push poll.

    Good luck have a safe hunt. I'll be out there sa well for the opener.
  10. One more thing, try to find ducks that are hard to get to. I have learned the easier it is to get to the ducks the more people you'll find that will pull up 50 yards from you and shoot your working ducks. At least on fletchers.

    P.M. Let me know what your set up is and i'll try to poin you in the right direction.
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  11. Wouldn't you ask the person who invited you?
  12. bring props and shear pins :lol: good luck
  13. amen to props pins and a wrench. def take your time. ride with someone else:lol:

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