fishing report from new buffalo

Discussion in 'Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports' started by wildlife chaser, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. just got a phone call from a buddy that went out on the rocks in new buffalo. him and another guy fished from about 4 until dark. they got 3 coho but had to let 1 of them go only 9" long. they got 2 browns avg sizes. and they got 1 bonus fish they got a 31" walleye. good day to be out to bad i was stuck at home with things that had to be done today.
  2. Thank You for the report .Bud

  3. no problem i try and help when ever i's a long drive over there for me and i like to know that someone catching something before i drive over there, so I'm just returning the favor. good luck
  4. hey made it to new buffalo yesterday about 4:30 bud got 19 1/2"steelie about 5 and i hit a nice brown around 5:30 that was the only 2 hits we go yesterday but that was good because the wave where coming up over the rocks so we didn't get to far out. and he just called me and he got a brown about 23" and a northern that went 38" that is how we done the last 2 nights. we haven't made it out in the morning yet going to try to make it out in the morning sometime next week.

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