Fishing Loch Erin in Irish Hills...Anyone?

Discussion in 'Icefishing LP inland lakes and rivers' started by Hunt4Ever, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. I'm fishing there tomorrow with my wife. This is her first and possibly only ice fishing trip. I would REALLY like to put her on some fish, but I've never fished there before.

    Does anyone have any tips? Good locations? Baits? Techniques?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Sorry, I haven't fished that one this year. Devils has been coming on pretty good lately for bluegill, crappie, and Pike. the walleye should start biting good as we head into February. You might have better luck taking her to Devils which isn't that far from Loch Erin. Just go out from the launch ramp and get in about 10-12 ft. of water, look for weeds and you should get some action. Good luck to you tomorrow wherever you two end up.

  3. i know it's a stocked lake but as far as i know it's also private so hope you know someone there
  4. I'm with Miruss,I think that lake is private....
  5. Hunt4ever, I'm interested in finding out how your luck was out there ? I work with a gal that lives there on the lake. She said there pulling fish out left and right, not sure what or where, but she told me to come on out and fish.
    I plan to going out there Mon. or Tues. morning.
  6. this a quote from a friend of mine, so don't shoot the messenger (uh, that'll be me). about loch erin:

    " we were catching a ton of crappie, and the DNR came up to us and said whatever crappie we don't want, just leave them on the ice because the lake has too many of them".

    this was last year that a buddy told me this. the way it looks, you could catch alot of crappie there Mule Skinner.

    good luck to ya.
  7. Fishing for us was slow. I was told they are catching fish there. Due to logistical reasons and it being a private lake, we were on the other opposite side of the lake from "Shanty Town", so my host said.

    It is a 600+ acre lake and I wasn't going to hoof it. We did manage a bluegill and a couple of perch. Saw about 12 LARGE carp on the camera, my wife wanted one of those REAL BAD. It would have been interesting with 2lb test.

    My wife was not dissapointed because she wasn't cold. I had the heater going and she was warm, no jacket and no gloves. She said she would go again even though the fishing was slow.

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