Fish Hawk or Sub Troll?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MarkO, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Looking for opinions from owners of these two products.
    I already have surface temp and speed so not having that on the Sub Troll is not a factor. I'm also wodering if replacing the downrigger cable with the Sub Troll line makes any differance on the blowback of that ball, it looks like the line is a little thicker than standard steel cable.

    Thanks, Mark

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  2. There have been multiple threads on this subject on all the fishing websites. They are both good units. The negative on the Subtroll is if the cable gets nicked, it's no good. I have the Fishhawk and have no complaints. Supposedly, the sonar frequency is similar to a Lowrance and some people get interference. I followed the directions, mounted the units on different sides of the boat and have had no problems.

  3. I have a Sub Troll 900, as far as the cable getting nicked up, when it happens to me I change the cable. I usually go through one cable a year and of course I fish allot. I wouldn't want to fish without a down speed or down temp, surface speed means absolutely nothing unless your fishing on the surface:) One tip on the Sub Troll, some riggers work better then others,,, make sure where the wire feeds into the nose of the rigger you don't have any drag or heavy wear as the cable comes in or goes out. That's what will ruin a cable quick.
  4. Marko,

    Don't over look the new Cannon stand alone probe too.

    I have been running a fishhawk since about 1994.

    If I have to buy a new unit though, I think I would go in this order:
    1. Cannon
    2. Fishhawk
    3. Subtroll

    Walker has one too, but it only gives temp at the ball.

    Each one has pros and cons.

    Things that I look for are this:
    Digital Display.
    amount of extra drag in the water.
    battery life.
    replacement probe cost.
    can you use the rigger without using the probe / can you take the probe off.
  5. Boaters World catalog last weekend. They have the new Cannon Speed'n'Temp listed for $399. It is a wireless device like the FishHawk and besides speed & temp at the ball it also gives light penetration. I think I'm gonna give it a go. My experience with Cannon is they really stand behind their products.
  6. If you do buy the cannon one. Make sure you buy the right unit. They have two out, a standalone that will work with any rigger, and one that will only work with a mag 20.

    I was going to mention that cannons also gives you light intensity at the ball as well, based between 0 and 100% light. Only problem though is that it is not extreamly useful. I have spoke with 4 people who have this unit. All of them have said that as soon as the sun gets even a little bit in the sky, the unit reads 100% full light. Even on cloudy days, it will read 100%.

    I have asked two people from cannon about this, one of them at the ford fiend show. They both said that it was true, but it could be usefull to see if the bottom's sand could be churned up from rough seas. I have not asked my friends if they have noticed any light intensity decreases by the bottom on rough days.

    The one cannon guy I spoke with said that putting the light intensity devise only added $27 to the price of the unit, so they put it in.

    If you can find a use for that feature, more power to you, but form what I have gathered, it is only useful the first moments of daylight.
  7. thanks for the imput on the cannon speed and temp mrymar posted a message lookin for info on the unit on another board and was told not to waste my money on a speed and temp probe that a fishhawk was useless.....then they locked the post as usual... how they got a fishhawk mixed up with the new cannon unit is beyond me thanks dave
  8. Dave, Myron and I both ordered Sub Trolls last year when we were in Ludington. The package came in and he mounted his before I got back up there from a quick trip home. We mounted mine after I got back and it worked great all season. He had a lot of trouble with his. I believe his Walkers wrecked the cable right off the bat, my old Big Jons seemed to do good at not damaging the cable.
  9. hi davey man can't wait for some brown fishin.....hey have u seen the new cannon unit in action yet?it's really caught my eye and was just curious if you seen or heard anything dave

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