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Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by CaptainD, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. I don't mind cleaning a limit of walleyes at all, but 100 perch is too much for my back to handle.
    I've heard of fish cleaning spots around Monroe ... Any suggestions for price and quality of work??
    Directions to find them?

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  2. I-75 and Front St on the Raisin River. $1.50 per lb of whole perch. You end up with about 35% of gross weight. They scale and butterfly. Nice job!!!

  3. I second for Robert's Fish cleaning mentioned above post been dealing with them for 10 years they do a great job never had a problem.
  4. Capt D ,took my first batch of perch to Roberts several weeks ago. Never thought I would pay to have fish cleaned, but well worth it. I use to fillet them like walleyes, but the butterfly perch fillets were the best. Highly recommended, unless you have unlimited free time to clean fish.
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    I get a 12 pack of brewski's and play my dvr of cops....helps to pass the time . Nothing like watching a good beatdown while your prepping dinner :lol:
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  6. Roberts- reasonably priced and prompt
  7. will they clean small ones 7"
  8. :yeahthat:
  9. erie party store near bolles harbor does a good job too.
  10. 734-799-6529 thats the only number i have for them. def. worth the money.
  11. I have no idea- I only keep 8's and bigger ;)

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