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Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by radiohead, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Going to be building a patio soon. In one section I am going to build an area for a firepit for a small bonfire. I have seen people use some sort of ring,almost looks like the end of a large culvert. Where can I get one?
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  2. We bought ours at one of the hardware stores in Oscoda...I know, not close enough. I'd try Family Farm & Home in the Richmond area or a Tractor Supply if you have one close.

  3. If you want something a little nicer looking, go to
    a good supplier of patio brick/stone and ask for one
    of their fire rings. It's designed to fit inside several courses of circular patio bricks. I like it because you can raise the pit to whatever height you want by adding more courses of brick. Makes it easier to cook on and gives you a nice looking fire pit.

    I think I went 4-5 courses, so the top is about 18"
    off the ground. I also had a guy build me a stainless
    grill top for cooking that covers the entire top, so it's
    great for grilling.

    Think it cost $ 200 plus for the brick and the steel ring that fits inside. Grill top was extra.
  4. Not sure where you will find these, but they are sold in quite a few places. I saw a cool idea that uses two of these, which are different sizes. Put the smaller one inside the larger one, then pour cement to fill the gap between them. When you have a fire, the concrete gets real hot, and you can put pans of food (or water) on it to cook with a more moderate heat. Maybe not the best thing for a backyard, but great for camping.
  5. Got ours up in Grayling, $20 for a 36", our TSC in Lapeer has them not sure on their price or you can spend $50. and up and get a fancy one from Cabela`s.
  6. Go to the local cement block supplier, Get enough manhole blocks to make a 4' circle.
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    I installed two (one inside the other) and filled the space inbetween with clean sand. It lets you sit closer to the fire when roaring, and then when the fire dies down it helps radiate heat. Makes it a bit safer too.
  8. go hightech, look up a website called 'instructables"
    they have a fire fountain. its basicly a fire ring filled with sand with a gas burner in the sand. the flames just magicly emerge from the sand. really looks sharp.
    but i understand no one with a mullet should light it.
  9. Sand betweeen the rings would definitely be safer than concrete.
  10. Or go cheap and find a local farmer with some junk 38" rims he wants to get rid of...

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