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  1. Ok my brother-in-law got a felony in 1996 for a insurance skam of some sort.(I do not have all details his business is his business)

    So he has a 7yr old daughter who goes fishing with us all the time and she is around the barn when we are done hunting. Well she wants to bow hunt and start going out in the woods with us. He has used up every lie and excuse that the book has to detour the situation, cause he has not hunted himself since his incident. He has been honest with me and wife that he wants to hunt so bad but he didnt know the laws for him to get backinto hunting so he can take his daughter.

    I'm not sure how it works either but, the man has been clean and makes a high 5 figure salary and would be a great asset to the hunting community.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, please dont mis lead the subject if your not 100% sure of the laws.

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    If he is off parole it is no problem for him to hunt with/possess a bow or crossbow.

    Over time most non-violent felons can possess a firearm or get rights restored under Michigan law. But, most still have issues with Federal Law.

    It would be best for him to consult with an attorney that specializes in "resoring firearm rights"

    Daughter could go along with him(watch) bow hunting now. She must be 10 to bow hunt on private property.

    Here are some of the laws that would apply:



    Follow this link to "Ask the DNR" and will give you more information -links to follow...


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  3. If the guy only has one conviction on his record he might qualify to have it expunged.
  4. Nonviolent crime, even though he is a convicted felon. He should be able to use a bow to hunt with.

    He should consult his attorney on this though. But being it is not a firearm and he did not loose his privelage to hunt. He should be able to hunt with a bow with out having to have the conviction expunged. Or trying to restore rights to own and posess a firearm.
  5. I would also recommend a lawyer, but not just any attorney, one well versed in 2A cases. He should be fine with a bow but it were me I'd go for full rights restoration.

    I heard something about the congressional budget, this year they have funding included for the ATF to examine gun restoration issues. I dont know if it will be taken out at the last minute but that program has been unfunded since Clinton's days.
  6. He can ask for a govenors parden..
  7. Whats a parden?
  8. As stated, he's good with a bow or crossbow. For firearms, this question comes up on a regular basis. In a nutshell, a convicted felon can have his firearms rights restored after 3 years for non specified felonies or 5 years for specified felonies after all conditions are met (confinement, fines, probation, parole, etc). The difference between them is that the felon falling under the 3 year criteria automatically has their rights restored after these conditions are met. The felon falling under the 5 year criteria does not and has to apply and have them restored through the local gun board. Federal Law will honor Michigan Law, restoring felon rights under these conditions. The single best advice for your brother in law is to contact an attorney (or county prosecutor) and discuss the issue with them and take care of whatever legal process he may need to if he want's to firearms hunt.

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