Fall Salmon Run

Discussion in 'South West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by TimothyY, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone know the approximate time of September/October when the salmon start to run up the St Joe? Trying to plan a trip back home to get a few. Thanks in advance

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    This Summer is supposed to really drag out due to El Nino or whatever, could be later than usual...

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  3. lake water is really warm right now need the lake to flip over need a thermo cline to set in so they fish will school up they are scattered all over ..i would say from last year its 3 weeks behind from what it was the year before
  4. the grand is slow and low. and warm. we dont normally see salmon until 3rd week of august at the soonest in GR.
  5. I usually notice fish in decent numbers about the second week of September average, depending on water temps and flow. That's not to say it won't or can't come earlier or later. All depends on the water. Usually there are fishable numbers around the first of September.
  6. Any news on the run yet? Was loosely planning on mid September....
  7. Alpha Buck

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    There are a few slipping in all of the rivers right now (probably not many), you should be fine by mid september. If you know what you are doing then you should be able to find a few by then to tangle with. It is never a for sure thing and the fishing quality can vary day to day on different parts of the rivers, especially with the planting cuts that a lot of the rivers have taken.
  8. i know for a fact the fish have been slipping in for the last 3 weeks, because i have seen them and caught them. not huge amounts yet but every rain pulls some in.
  9. so all this rain then its time to go see huh?
  10. So whats the best method? I am not real experienced, just always been told floating spawn, possibly flies, and spoons? Havent really had much luck, but then havent been close to home in years either. Its sad when a 5 hour drive is close now! Used to be an 8 hour flight from Germany
  11. It's gonna boil down too personal preference.
    Early Kings like it all. Skein under a float, Spoons and Spinners, ToT's and Thunder sticks and Big Gawdy Flies.
    What do you feel most comfortable fishing with.
    I am a two rod man ( 1 for floats and 1 for hardware) when it comes to the early fish.

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