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Discussion in 'Snowmobiling' started by Al L, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. Any one out there use a heated helmet sheild who wears eye glasses also. My wife has a problem with her glasses fogging then turning to ice. Happens every time she has to stop like at road crossings. I am trying to find out if the heated sheild will keep it warm enough inside the helment to stop the icing and fogging. Does any one have any other ideas, some thing that works for them.

  2. AL,

    A goggle company called Smith(you may have heard of them) makes a cloth that will keep fog from forming . they do work on eye glasses. I am not promiseing any thing but they have worked great for me so far. you can usually find them at any ski shop or any sporting goods store.


  3. The heated shield will not heat the inside of a helmet. Rain-X has a product out called No Fog. Just put this on your glasses and you won't have a problem, I use it all the time. Have fun!
  4. You should consider buying those contacts you can just dispose of after a day. I know thats what my dad uses when we snowmobile he use to have the same problem

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