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Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by huntallday, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. I an going to purchase a crossbow and have decided on an Excalibur Equinox or a Ten Point Titan HLX. I know they are both good bows and I will be happy with either. If you have experience with both or either of them I would appreciate your input.

    This is my sticking point:

    The Excalibur weighs about 6.5 pounds but is considerably wider.

    The Ten Point weight about 8 pounds, is narrower and I like the Acudraw 50 because it is integrated into the stock.

    So...what do you think is more valuable from a tree stand, less weight (the Excalibur) or narrower (the Ten Point)? Your thoughts are appreciated and valued.

    Thank you

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  2. I have the Equinox. Haven't hunted with it a great deal this year (work) but don't have a problem with width in the tree at all. I think these two companies are the upper echelon in hunting crossbow production and you won't go wrong with either.

    On a side note: quick kudos to Excalibur's customer service. I let someone use my bow who lost my arrows for it (missed a deer, buried one in the hay) so I call excalibur Monday afternoon. Long and short of it is I have 12 new arrows and a pack of broadheads that should be at the outfitter in Ohio's doorstep by the time I get there tonight to hunt in the morning with it(I paid for them, but that turnaround impressed me).
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  3. I have a TenPoint Titan and i love it. The bow has everything i could ask for the scope, the acudraw. Its the best bow package for the price IMO
  4. Well, this was a tough choice but I went with the Ten Point because I will be using a ground blind sometimes and the decreased width over the Excalibur was a plus. I also like the anti dry-fire capability of the Ten Point. The Excalibur looks better and I like the simplicity but I can't afford both. Thank you for your replies.
  5. GOOD CHOICE...ONE YOU'RE HAPPY WITH. On that note, I'll be getting my dad an Excalibur for next season. The 2 lb difference in weight is very noticeable and the Excalibur is much more rear weighted with most of the weight being in the stock due to no eccentrics way out front. Ease of tuning is a plus as well.
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  6. Weight and legnth are key features to me. That's why I'm still using my 17 year-old Horton Super Sport. It's almost likea "carbine" crossbow: 6 pounds and 40" long. Yes, it's slow compared to today's stuff but I just wait until the deer is close in, 20 yards or less.

    IMHO, the manufacturer that can make a short, compact, lighweight, fast (310 fps) quality crossbow will print money they'll sell so many of them.

    pic of my Horton Super Sport (walnut stock)

  7. Keep an eye on the servings. My stepfather has the Titan HLX and it is a nice crossbow. Fast, accurate, and relatively quiet compared to others. However, the Ten Point factory string sucks plain and simple....and the quality of the serving and serving job sucks even worse.
  8. Both bows you are considering are excellent and probably the cream of the crop. I seriously looked at both before I purchased an Excalibur and have never been sorry.

    The width "problem" for me has turned out to be a no problem whatsoever. I admit that the first time carrying it into the woods felt pretty odd, but then, I also recall the first time I carried a compound bow into the woods how odd it felt. I have to say that carrying that bow to the woods now seems so natural and normal and the width simply is not a factor.

    For instance, consider when you trim out a tree for your treestand. You must clear limbs so that the top of your compound doesn't hit a limb and the same for the bottom. Trimming the bottom is the same; you just do not have to. The only time I could see it being a factor is if you got a shot directly behind you. However, I did that this year (not directly behind but well behind me) and there was no problem.

    Lifting the bow to the stand has also been no problem as not once have I got the limbs caught in a branch. Lowering the same. Carrying the bow to the woods is very simple. I carry the bow so that the limbs are vertical rather than horizontal. Some even carry the crossbow with the butt on the shoulder and hanging onto the limbs.

    Weight can be a factor and that is one thing that has kept my wife from shooting so far.

    Ten Point has the very best cranking mechanism on the market in my opinion. That does not say that Excalibur's crank is bad becasue it is not. The Excalibur crank is excellent but it should be removed to shoot although not everyone does this. I have also shot the bow with the crank attached and have no problem with it, but you do notice it.

    As stated, your choices are of two excellent bows. I consider the Excalibur to be the best on the market but that does not mean Ten Point is inferior by any means because they have an excellent bow. Shoot both and consider all the factors and then make your choice.
  9. My Good Friend bought the Ten Point, and he is not that Happy about his choice. First Scope replacement then string Issues, and then a Limb broke. All were taken care of by Jay's promptly but he called Ten Point to complain about the problems and they told him that he voided the warrentee by putting a Viper X string on and that Jay's should not have replaced his limbs. His point is fine I want my Money back. I should have bought the Excalibur, Didn't because Ten Point had the double Safety. Now you want me to spend more for a new String every time I shoot It I don't think so.

  10. Sorry to hear that about his bow. I hope he is able to get it fixed reasonably.

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