Ethanol Free Gasoline

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by ScavengerMan, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Anybody know if there is ethanol free gasoline available in Michigan? I've heard it's possible in some states to buy premium gasoline without alcohol in it that attracts moisture and attacks rubber parts. I've heard enough horror stories to seek out an alternative. Anyobdy know of a source?

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  2. I don't think you can buy gas without it unless you get aviation gas. Sta-bel makes a marine product thats suppose to help.

  3. I hear that product helps on the corrosion end of things, but doesn't do anything for protecting rubber and plastic parts. Aviation fuel is costly and a hassle to get. Was hoping one of the oil companies still sold premium gasoline without ethanol.
  4. Zepher gas station in Newberry advertises there gas as ethenol free. I bought it all winter for my snowmobile and checked it and it has no ethenol in it. It was 87 octain also. It will be in my boat this year to. I had ethenol in it last summer and it run like schit.
  5. Ask the station if it contains ethanol. The BP west of St Clair is ethanol free. There are quite a few that don't have ethanol.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys.
  7. I belive Shell, Mobil and BP are all ethanol free. Nothing on any of there pumps stating that ethanol is in there gas
  8. Unfortunately, they no longer have to label their pumps if they have ethanol gas. Only way you'll know is if you ask them.
  9. In Michigan stations do not have to post if their fuel is 10% ethanol or less. Fuel is typically a blend of gasoline and something else. Gasoline is supposed to be 100% pure. For years the Feds have mandated the use blended fuels near large metropolitan areas (like Detroit).
  10. I wanted to bump this again and keep it at the top of this list. Although I really have nothing helpful to add, it would be nice to compile a list of ethanol free service stations for each part of the state to keep our toys running smooth. If anybody has info on service station ethanol free gas for the following geographical areas please post. Thank you.

    SE MI
    Central MI
    SW MI
    NW MI
    NE MI
    East UP (Zephyr Station, Newberry)
    West UP
  11. Looking for an update on these stations.

    Any down by Monroe?
  12. According to one of the service reps at Linwood Beach Marina, they're gas is ethonal free.
  13. The Augres Yacht Club has a pump that is Ethanol Free. They say it costs about 0.10$ more per Gal. for them to bring it in. I think all the Marinas are switching over.:fish:

  14. Londo Lakes Store in Hale, Michigan has ethanol free gasoline with an octane rating of 90%.
  15. Gary Oil in Oscoda. RV gas ethanol free, priced about the same as premium. I am pretty sure it is a Marathon station. East side of US 23 in town.

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