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  1. Some guys were talkin about a burger bar in Elberta last year,takin the girlfriend on a salmon charter on monday in Manistee and wanted to go to Frankfort & Elberta to walk the piers and have lunch on Sunday.Will someone please reveil the name & where its at.Thank you in advance.

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  2. Not sure but here's a link to a list of restaurants that might help you find it...........http://www.frankfort-elberta.com/?page_id=53

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  3. None of the bars in Elberta or Frankfort are really known for having exceptional burgers.

    I like the Villa Marine in Frankfort the best for food. Everything is great and there's a view of Betsie Bay. Otherwise, teh Cabbage Shed is cool cuz it's so funky.

    I find the Mayfair really boring since it was remodeled.
  4. The Cabbage Shed is always packed when I drive by on the way to fish, they must serve something tasty!
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    You could just eat at the A&W in Frankfort,that is if you like frequent trips to the restroom ;)
  6. Dinghy's in Frankfort is one of our favorites. They have great food. If pizza sounds good while you're in that area Papa J's up in Honor won't disappoint.
  7. i forget the name of the place, but its in beulah...great food! its all red.
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  8. i think it was coho cafe we went to it was good good bugers right on the strip there is also a pizza place there too btw;) but it been about 10-15 years since i been up there.
  9. Coho Cafe is probably the best food in Frankfort (IMO), but I would not classify them as a Burger joint. Most likely you will need reservations to get a seat at the dinner hour. The one downside is it is quite pricey $$$$.
  10. I would have to go with the Villa Marine Burger...

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  11. Cabbage shack just before the trick dog

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  12. Seeing how the Manitou does not open for lunch. i'll second this :yeahthat:

  13. Yep! Whatever floats up to the seawall :D

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