Eden Pure Heaters, who has one?

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  1. I have tested one that a family member has and they seem to be the real deal. Looking mainly to use in a 34ft park model trailer instead of spending money on propane. Electric is already included in the yearly fee so thats not an issue. I know the one my stefather has seems to heat his 36 ft park model with no problem...his furnace never kicks pn and the place stays nice and warm. They run just under $400. not cheap but neither is a couple 100# tanks of propane. The heater would pay for itself in less than two fall hunting seasons.
    If you have one, are you happy with it?

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  2. I heard the replacement bulbs are expensive. I think you could get by with a 500w electric heater with a thermostat much cheaper and it would last longer.

  3. I tend to agree with Consumer Reports on the Eden. http://blogs.consumerreports.org/home/2008/11/edenpure-heater.html

  4. I have one and agree with some of the report such as how much energy it uses.. Its to hard to tell because you use more energy in the winter anyways (For example shorter days = more light use) so I cannot verify how much it really uses..

    On the other hand, I have the newer and larger model with overheat protection and used it all last winter 24/7 for 7 months straight and never had a problem.. If the filter in the back gets plugged, it shuts the bulb off and start blowing cold air and all you have to do is blow out the filter and it will start working again..

    As for heat, it does a great job in a smaller area.. There is no way it will heat the sq ft it claims but the bigger until will work great in a room thats very well insulated and 400sq ft or smaller.

    I like mine so much I was thinkng about getting another for my insulated workshop.

  5. two of the big ones an one small one for the pool room in the basement,I have one running in main room of the house where we spend most of the day does a great job,the second is in bedroom,which we really don't need,who needs the heat on in bedroom? but there is a computer in there an when wife wants to use computer when its really cold she can turn that on,I'm satisfied with them:):fish:
  6. They are not all that good as the ads say. Friend bought one and then she got her electric bill! It was almost $200 for the month. Now she hardly uses it. There are a lot of people buying a better and more efficient heater from http://eheat.com including myself and my neighbors. My furnace is still off and the entire house is at 70 degrees when I just use the 2 in the front rooms and the back one at night. They are only 350 watts instead of the other 1500 watt high use ones. Yjey have a new model out now that is only $89 so I might get 1 more.
  7. I have heard nothing but bad things about them. My in-laws have one and they do not care for it at all.

    I have been checking around and have seen a lot of good reports on the unit below and am considering getting one for my daughters room along with a little inline thermostat that plugs into the wall.


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