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  1. With me being the only person that eats venison in my household, I am looking to shoot a small deer/smaller the better in this early doe season. My question is, I keep hearing that there is a law about spotted deer/fur. Is there one, and if so, where can I find it at? Please no opinions....thanks.

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  2. It is not illegal to shoot a spotted fawn provided the season is open and you do so legally. The only way it is illegal to possess a spotted fawn is if you hit one with your car. The law says you cannot be issued a car kill permit for a spotted fawn.

  3. No disrepect intended Jason, but isn't it also illegal to possess a spotted fawn for rehabilitation purposes at this time....according to an Interim Order issued recently???
  4. As long as you take said deer in a legal method, time frame, and have a valid license, your ok. I would still say take a bigger one and invest in a vaccuum sealer. You won't get hardly any meat off a spotted fawn. But if thats what your after, good luck and be safe next weekend.
  5. Thanks Ken. I Forgot about that part.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I should have rephrase it. I do want/hope for a small deer around 80 LBs, not a month old one. but I seen this size in November with faint spots at the check stations and the topic comes up. Just never asked while there and didn't want any problems if it had them. Vaccuum sealer are great, Thanks Again
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  7. Sounds like as long as it's dead, your safe.
    Don't bring it home on a leash or you'll have issues;)
  8. I got a small button buck last year Thanksgiving weekend, had it processed,wrapped in paper as is standard, with very little help eating it I finished the last of the steaks a few weeks ago on the grill. They were as good as the first ones! Horns are nice on the wall, young deer in thefreezer are the best! Good Luck.
  9. If you go the the DNR website and read the history of deer hunting, at one time there was a law that stated the taking of spotted deer was illegal. It's been a few months since I read that information, but the law was from like 80or more years ago. Anyways, that information is very interesting. Make a copy for everyone in your deer camp to read.

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    At one time it was also illegal to kill a deer still in it's red coat (before it got it's winter coat). It is also illegal to possess any deer for rehabilitation purposes unless one has a permit to do so.
  11. I believe that the former rules about the spotted deer and red coat deer were in the same sentence or paragraph. My memory is questionable however.
    Again this information about the history of deer management in Michigan is very interesting reading and is great information to make a copy of for all to read at your deer camp. Visit the DNR site for this info.

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