Eagle Ultranav II - GPS / Sonar Combo

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  1. This unit came with the boat I bought. I have since upgraded. The Ultranav II is a GPS and Fish Finder. It includes everything.....unit, transducer, GPS antenna, power cord....etc. I'm pretty sure I even have the manual for it. It is in excellent condition. - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=3308

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  2. Here is a pic.


  3. Spring Special


    Don't get lost......get GPS!!

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  4. hello, i am interested in unit. pm me with your phone number and we can talk. thanks mike
  5. i need more info, couldnt find any info about this unit. pm me your number
  6. For anyone wondering......

    This unit does NOT support maps. It shows NO MAPS on screen.
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    still 4 sale

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  9. I had one of these a few years back even though you can't put maps on it it was very useful to plug in waypoints. Saved my butt more than once in the fog by being able to know where I was in relation to the waypoints. You can change the screen to show a 10 mile radius, down to 100 feet if I recall.

    I always ran split screen that showed the GPS track, fish finder with depth call-out. Unit is capable of several screen formats. If the manual is not available it can be downloaded. (At least you could 5-6 years ago).
  10. Any chance that you know the transducer angle? I am mainly on a shallow lake and am looking for a wide cone angle unit. Thanks.
  11. Sparetime....check your PM's

  12. Sorry - This unit came with my boat that I bought last year - I have no idea what the transducer angle is.
  13. I DO HAVE the manual for this unit......therefore, this package comes with everything you'll need.
  14. 60 bucks and ill take it

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