Dunhams Lapeer - Selling used guns as new

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  1. I have to "Sound Off" about Dunhams in Lapeer!

    My father in law purchsed my son his first gun. A NEW Mossberg 500 shotgun for Xmas. First bad sign was that the box was open and a little beat up. They claimed it was a floor model. But it wasn't on display, the gun was already in the box! Everything looked good, so he bought it. When my son opened it on Xmas, the gun lock was on it, but no keys. We were headed 250 miles north in the morning with it, so we just cut it off. Get up north to use it and something felt real tight when we tried to load the first shell. Couldn't get a second in there, so we took a peek to see if there was a plug in there from the factory. OMG, all you could see was twisted spring. Looking real close, someone shoved the wood dowell behind the spring and had it all twisted up. Wood shavings in there and obvious marks in the finish where someone tried to get it out. Went to box it up to be taken back and we notice on the box, in real sloppy handwriting, what looks to be "DEFECT" written on the box. Not to mention that the barrels had an awful lot of powder in there for being new. More than a shot or two went thru that gun.

    So, my father in law goes to take it back today and Dunhams says too bad. Gotta send it back to Mossgerg. What a load of crap. Looks like I USED to spend a few hundred $$$ at Dunhams every year. They won't see a penny of my money again!

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  2. Dunhams is EXTREMELY over priced. Now this.... I won't be shopping in there any time soon.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. File a formal complaint with the Michigan AG's office.
    Dunham's sure isn't the good 'ole real outdoors store it used to be!:sad::(
  4. Any prior purchaser would have had to filled out a #4473 form and background check...it would correspond to the sale of that firearm. Salespersons name would be on it.
    This form would have to be numbered in their permanent bound book, as would the receipt of it back , with signature, if returned. It's ATF mandate.
    If records are missing or falsified you have recourse even if it's only an ATF complaint.
    Go to a manager with that info - even up to district level - and get to the bottom of the resale and person(s) responsible...you may get some satisfaction - if not a new gun.

    Now if it was new, and just some clumsy/inept salesperson screwing it up there in the store and repackaging it, that's a different story and hard to assign responsibility.
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  5. Is that something we can find out on our own, or are you saying to challenge them to check the book?
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  6. Yes, challenge a manager to check the records for a prior #4473, and that will tell him if it was sold and returned...If it was - then you have a leg to stand and argue on for replacement or refund in store, not returning it yourself to the factory. ($$$) If he refuses to even check in good faith - let him know that the ATF might consider checking for him. Then try a higher up manager, (District) before going Governmental on them.

    It's not public available information, so needn't give you that, yes or no, but for his own integrity and peace of mind in dealing with a customer it's a source of documentation and the right thing to do...

    Keep in mind, it may not have been sold, just damaged in demonstration.
    I'd say powder residue is a tip it's been out of the store at least...or redistributed from another store...

    That's why I love Bed, Bath and Beyond.
    Return anything - any time - for any reason, no questions asked.
  7. That sucks..................but, I gotta tell ya. I woulda looked a helluva lot closer at that gun before buying it then your FIL did.
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  8. Worse than the fraud by Dunham's-

    Sorry your son had to go through this.

    I would boycott Dunham's, but since they were sold by the Schmalzrys many years ago I would not step foot in that joke of a store anyway.
    -but I am biased
  9. The only way you could see the problem was by shining a flashlight JUST RIGHT down the threads where the barrel screw cap goes into. I don't think a store will let you shove rounds into it. Maybe though??

    Trust me, the man knows his guns. Probably has shot more weapons and rounds than 90% of humanity. He was a master gunner who just retired from the military. Which leads me to another issue I just heard about. He said they pretty much mocked him with a snicker in their voice, like he didn't know what he was talking about. Completely missing the fact that the plug was jammed in there behind the spring. Something I'm sure the factory didn't accidentally do.
  10. My guess would be somebody scammed them with a return and they screwed up re selling it.

    I agree with jimp, give the manager another opportunity to make it right, if he refuses ask him for the District Managers name and contact him via registered letter. If no remedy ask him for the Regional Manager's name and address, repeat with the Director of Retail Operations then the company President.
    Probably a lot cheaper and effective than getting in a pissing match and challenging the gun's history.
    Somebody along the line should realize your value as a customer via persistance. You may get back more value than the gun, as well as giving Dunham's the opportunity to do the right thing.

    If still no remedy, send a letter with all the documentation to the AG.
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  11. Corporate headquarters is in Waterford their number is 248-674-4991 enter 0 when the recorder starts and you will be talking to Vicky she will put you through to the proper person. Jeff Lynn runs the show but I doubt you will get to talk to him. (you didn't hear it from me)
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  12. It's worth the trouble to resolve it somehow locally...

    Shipping it to the factory costs $ plus make sure you get insurance.
    They may or may not charge for the parts/repair...user damage might not be covered.
    Return to you costs $.

    If you must return it, go with UPS or FeDex, USPS is a joke and high $ for oversize priority.
    There may be declare forms for non FFL holders but long guns would be OK without a dealers' involvement...
    The factory will gve you complete instructions.
  13. UNREEL

    UNREEL Banned

    With all those credentials, what the hell is he doing buying a Mossberg?? All joking aside, Dunhams sucks. Need a gun, go to a gunshop, not a place that sells hockey sticks and horseshoes. The same guy who helps you try on tennis shoes is also the guy selling guns.
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  14. My thoughts exactly, I would have opted for the wrist rockets that they had on sale, Truthfully it just sounds like a typical MOSSBERG to me. Your about to get an education in customer service too

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