Duke DP trap bait??

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  1. Hello guys. I am going to get some Duke DP coon traps this summer to introduce my 2 boys to trapping this fall. What do you guys use for bait to fill these traps? I have seen the commercial baits for sale and to me they just look like pelletized fish food mixed with a sweet syrup possibly? Do you guys buy these baits or make your own? If you make your own baits what is your "go to" bait? Any help would be appreciated. Also if anybody has any new or used Duke DP's that they are looking to sell at a fair price please send me a PM. On a budget and trying to get my boys going on trapping this fall. Thanks.

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  2. I would say your best bet is just to buy the bait, like the truck load of coon bait i think its called, its less messy that way...

    Of course you could make your own with fish pellets and some kind of fruit sauce like cranberries and such..

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  3. YouTube is a good source to start at, but I personally use dog food with syrup and barbecue sauce mixed into it. I always up fish oil around the lips of the trap to add scent. Sometimes instead of dog food I will use deer corn, the hardened corn, it's a good visual and it mixes good with sauces and syrups

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  4. Big marshmellow under the trigger, little marshmellows on top and around trap. Drizzle some fake pancake syrup or something fishy.
  5. I use ground fish I take my boy fishing in the summer for gills and he wants too keep all the ones we catch so I do. I grind the ones too small to fillet up in a hand grinder and freeze then come trapping season I use in the duke dp's have good success with it. I set on sign and do about a 10 foot wagon wheel tail of fish oil and place trap in the center I also use white foam cups on top of the trap for eye appeal. if in warmer weather I freshen bait often or it will sour and catch rate will fall off rapidly I learned this the hard way, guess i just got lazy. of coarse you could just use dog food but the kids enjoy fishing and it's free bait. Good luck!!
  6. my go to bait is dry cat food and molasses thats it mix it up and it stays in a tupperware bowl with a lid. fill up the trap and drop some on the ground around the trap i also use a cup over the top. i have never had it go bad. and for me it has worked better then fish. but fish is always my second choice.
  7. Cat fish stink bait will also work.......
  8. Truckload Coon Bait...You can buy it at PCSoutdoors.com!
  9. Truck load coon bait is the way to go I put up 70 coon on two doz DP 's this year. When it gets below freezing go to the fish on top to get the smell to Carrie . And only one stinker going this route . And you won't get chew outs with these traps because they can feel it, no circulation cut off. And it's easy to release the small ones.
  10. Hmm maybe I'll try that I always set 3 no matter what. It'll be nice to change them up and offer more of a buffet.
  11. you cought a stinker in a dog proof? never cought a stinker, have cought more than one opossum.
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  12. What method do you use to release the small ones?
  13. Well you can use a catch pole that makes it easy if you are by yourself. Or in a pinch find yourself a deadfall branch with a nice fork in it and you and you can hold them with that while you step on the trap to release them.

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